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My First Case Study: Build Site & Generate Traffic - Results

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by schniek, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. schniek

    schniek Affiliate affiliate

    Ok, so I have been away for a while to concentrate and just do what needs to be done.......my first site and attempting to generate traffic towards it. So here is my first case study.

    Before I could start marketing offers I needed to get the offers. I decided to apply to a couple of affiliate networks at first, it is easier to manage I think. Thanks again to those that accepted a newby without any experience, I really appreciate it.

    By the time I got accepted only a couple of days later I was so exited that I couldn't wait to start with my site. I wanted to do everything at once. So I "rushed" into registering a domain name and buying hosting. I say rushed because I didn't do my homework first, i.e. keyword research etc. My niche of choice was "freebies", of which, after registering my domain and buying hosting, I saw there is a lot of competition. But that didn't stop me, so I proceeded to "build" my site.

    It took me about a week to build the site (like I said I am a newby, had to figure out some stuff). It will be up and running for about a month now. Building the site was the easy part, generating traffic as I have experienced is somewhat difficult.

    I started out with marketing two offers on youtube. The two videos that I made both feature on the first page for the particular keywords I was targeting. My strategy was not to link straight to the offer, but to the page on my website where the offer was on in the hope that the people will browse the other pages and maybe go for some other offers while they are there. It seems that this has brought in some traffic and even clicks on the offers, but to date no conversions.

    Article marketing has been somewhat unsuccessful at the moment (been at it for a week). I have, for the timebeing, only applied to two article sites (again I think it is easier to manage), where I have to date only submitted articles to GoArticles. My submissions to EzineArticles are still under review. Which reminds me, I have to follow up on that. By the looks of it, I think I may get some traffic from EzineArticles once the article is approved.......I like the fact that they have a thourough review process, it makes things more legitimate it seems.

    The next trafficing strategy was Facebook, it was more a test. I had to choose an offer for the region in which I have friends (I am from Africa), and unfortunatley most of the really good offers are for the USA and Canada. So I quickly revamped my site a bit and shared a link to the page on my site on Facebook (by the way, my friends don't know that I own this site). Within a week, I had 100 clicks on the offer and only one conversion, the rest of the clikcs did not qualify and were redirected to other valid offers. Since we are on the topic of Facebook, can I send you guys reading this (from the states) a friend request so that I can share my Facebook page with you?

    For the timebeing I think I will work these three strategies and monitor the results. I think there are some conversions on the horizon as I seem to be understanding the name of the game better now.

    So for my conclusions.........

    1. The winner strategy was definetaly Facebook with one conversion and just over 100 clicks.
    2. A far second would be Youtube video marketing, 12 clicks and no conversions.
    3. Last would be article marketing with no results to date, but I think this will change soon.

    Lessons learned.........
    1. DO your homework and choose a good niche.
    2. I can imagine that managing all the accounts will become a tedious task if there are many. I am busy preping a system to manage this for the future when I start to apply to more networks etc.

    So that's it for now. I am pretty happy with the results so far and believe that things will only get better and I can just smell conversions coming in soon.

    Speak to you soon!​
  2. newbidder
  3. smilodon

    smilodon Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the case study :)

    I would like to point out that you will likely not get too much traffic from article directories. Maybe a better option is to write your Web 2.0 properties, like Squidoo lenses, blogger blogs, wordpress blog, Youtube (which you are doing already), Yahoo Answers, write Scribd documents etc. with your chosen keywords, which link to your page.
  4. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Well done for taking action, as said above you may like to look into SEO and back linking for long term traffic. Take a look at other case studies on the site including traffic from yahoo, redit and the facebook guide I wrote on the blog.
  5. Randize

    Randize Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the share man.
  6. BTRao

    BTRao Affiliate affiliate

    Yes i agree most of the offers available for US/CA/UK/AU.
    Anyhow Good experience from the study. So you can improve now targeting those countries with better results.

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