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My first campaign: what to start "debugging"?

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Traste, Sep 1, 2016.

  1. Traste

    Traste Affiliate affiliate


    I launched my first campaign yesterday. These are the details:

    - Offer: Sweepstake, supermarket voucher UK
    - Network: Mundomedia
    - Traffic: Popads.net (popunder), UK
    - Lander: testing direct linking and 1 landing, on my host and using Cloudflare. Tested with 50% traffic on each.
    - Spent: $15 (2 campaigns, one for mobile/tablet and other for desktop)



    Mundomedia reports says I had 4018 clicks
    Popads says I had 10760 impressions

    So, that makes a 37.34% CTR, if I'm not wrong.


    - Tracking not working well for conversions. I had only one conversion ($1.50). Cost is not being tracked. Although POPads adds one token with the bid cost.

    - Can't measure CTR on direct linking, obviously. I thought of not using direct, but the offer is a 3 steps to convert and the landing is pretty decent, so I wanted to test it.

    - Landing page either not working or not being tracked properly. First I've contacted Adsbridge to check whether I created my campaign and setup tracking codes properly on the landing (tracking on CTA).

    That lander performance is not good at all, but I'm trying to find out what's wrong. What I have in mind:

    1. Cloudflare blocked visits. I got a message in Popads saying that Cloudflare does that sometimes because it sees this traffic as a thread. I've taken a look at my Cloudflare stats and nothing popups under attacks or threats

    2. Landing page is crap. It does not look like that to me, but still... I'm a newbie. I found it on Mobile Ad Scout (added minor changes to text). Looks like a "Facebook" page offering a chance to win a voucher. Even though this could be the reason, 0.14 CTR is too low, isn't it?

    3. CTR is not being well calculated. Again, I asked already Adsbridge. Waiting for a response :) I tested it myself and click count seemed ok, but CTR above doesn't match what I have on Adsbridge.

    Anyway, I know $15 and around 10.000 impressions is nothing to start analyzing, but first I need to find out whether my visits are being blocked by Cloudflare and fix my tracking issues.

    Your thoughts? Thank you!
  2. terraleads
  3. trackingdesk

    trackingdesk Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hello @Traste

    1. I would recommend to run one campaign and split the traffic according to the devices
    2. Are you sure adsbridge can capture the cost token from popads?
    3. When popads sends an impression your tracker will show a visit - so it looks like your landing page got over 4000 hits (impressions according to popads) and it generated 8 clicks on the CTA - very very low CTR if you ask me.
    4. Looks like the direct link didn't get any traffic
    5. I wouldn't use cloudflare unless you're expecting some DDoS attacks on your landing page. Reason is simple, cloudflare is a very sensitive system, and since pop traffic means lots of requests originating from the same place, cloudflare might have block some of the visits or might have show their filtering screen before redirecting the visitors to the page. Perhaps some of the visitors just closed the window instead of continuing. Not sure if they would report this as a threat tough as it's their standard protection's protocol.
    6. Check out instapage, they have some nice landing page layout and easy to build/redesign to suit your needs.
    7. If the offer is a 3 steps flow, adding a landing page,is probably not the best thing to do as you're loosing visitors at every step.
    8. Tracking not working? do you mean: traffic not converting or your tracking software didn't catch the conversions?

    Popads and mundo are both integrated in TrackingDesk so you can make a quick test to see if our reporting and workflow is more suitable. If you'd like to set this up via skype/screensharing, me or someone else from the team will gladly do it with you.

    Good luck!
  4. Traste

    Traste Affiliate affiliate


    Thanks for taking the time to reply ;-)

    1. I will test it.

    2. I got the impression cost, but I need to figure out whether Adsbridge can use this token for costing purposes:


    3. That's what it looks like. But I think tracking is not working well, because according to Mundomedia I got 4018 clicks, total. So, If I only got 8 from the landing page, that means I got 4010 from the direct link, which would make almost a 100% CTR on the direct link, which I guess is impossible, right?

    4. Adsbride shows 4909 visits/impressions. Why you said it didn't get any traffic. Maybe you saw the 13 visits on the other direct link on my screenshot. That's from another test, not related to this campaign :)

    5. Ok. I'm turning Cloudflare off. That makes sense. Thanks.

    6. I'll check it out. I'm also using Adsxposed and WhatRunsWhere. I think my landing performance is not that bad, though (check my calculated CTR)

    7. That's what I thought, but I read some posts here and looks like people use lander even here. I'll try direct, but I wanted to test a landing to learn. I know I'm not going to make money now, so I want to learn from mistakes like this :)

    8. Tracking software not getting the conversions. Adsbridge support just told me how to fix it. I didn't add a custom parameter to the URL in my offer :-/

    Thanks for Skype proposal, but since I've already working with Adsbridge I want to fully understand how it performs, learn as much as possible and see how it works for me. If it doesn't, I will gladly try Trackingdesk.

    Thank you!

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