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MSN Ad Center Problems

Linda Buquet

I decided this weekend I need to add to and optimize all my PPC accounts.
This is for 5 star, I don't do any affiliate PPC.

I've been fighting with MSN Ad Center all morning and I assume my account is not the only one having problems so you should check your account.

I added a new add group and with a couple hundred keywords.
Set my minimum bid at .50. It saved it. Went to check and all the KW
on the 1st page show .50. So one would assume it set all KW at 50 like it said it did.

Well then I sort by bid amount just to be sure and theres a whole page of 5 cent bids. Sort in reverse and there are .90 bid on KW that dont even make sense.

So I do it again - set all to 50C. Check same thing - some at 5 and some at 90 there was even an odd ball KW worth maybe 10C that was set at 1.57.

So then I try to individually set each KW. Change all the 5c to 50C and individually change th 90C to 50 and change some 50 to 90. Says it saved.
I go check and it still has them set at 5c and 90c.

Call support. She probably thinks operator error. She can't change the bids either. Has no idea what could be causing this.

So check your kw bids. Don't just look at 1st page and assume they are all set right. Sort by bid both up and down and double check.

She's going to let me know when they fix it. What a P.I.T.A.

Linda Buquet

Well need to say I'm impressed so far with MSN Adcenter's customer service.

I talked to Amy Sunday and she said she'd email me when they got the problem resolved. She CALLED today to let me know all is fixed. Nice touch!

Tweaking bids away now. Hoping to get more MSN traffic.
Fingers Crossed!