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Movie site and content lock

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by lokiys, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. lokiys

    lokiys Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    Looking around to build up movie site with embed movies on it, and willing to lock that page with content lock.
    But really do not know what is good network for that. It is a little black hat, but movies are not hosted on my site and they are embed.
    Any suggestions ?

  2. terraleads
  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Not entirely sure about this but what you can do is upload trailors to the films instead! You'll have to read up about laws of embedding! I used to do it myself!
  4. EymardSiojo

    EymardSiojo GRIND! affiliate

    You will enter a lot of legal issues with this one.
    There is some sites that allows it but not the movies you see in hollywood.
    This is BH stuff, I used to do it but if you can't compete with tools and bots.
    You will not make a lot of money.

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