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Most Sold and Searched for Items on eBay in 2011


When it comes to owning a website, you will probably know that one of the most important things you will need to establish is the keywords that people are searching for and what will bring them to your website. This is an important part of SEO and paramount if you are looking to get sales and visitors. If you are an EBay seller, then it is important to know what is hot at the moment and what people are searching for and luckily, EBay has created a tool that will allow you to do exactly this. The tool form EBay is called EBay Pulse and it is basically like an analytics program for EBay. The pulse system will show you what is being searched for on the website and what is popular. For example, at the time of writing this article one of the most searched for items was ?ipad?. The great thing about the EBay pulse system is that you are able to see what is hot in a variety of categories on the website. For example, you will be able to see what the top 10 search terms for a particular category are at any one time. This is great if you have an EBay store that is focussed on a particular area such as Computing or DVD?s as you will be able to see which products are most in demand using the EBay Pulse tool. Not only will you be able to see which items are being searched for the most, but you will also be able to see which EBay shops are the largest in any particular category you choose and you will be able to see which items are being watched the most. This will once again give you a good idea as to the sort of products that are currently hot on the website at the moment. Using EBay Pulse is easy and doesn?t even require a download at all. All you have to do is to navigate to and select your category of interest. ?The system has an easy to use interface and it will allow you to increase your product listings a huge amount by the results you obtain from the research.