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Monetize Adult Cam Domain

Discussion in 'Adult Marketing' started by Mardym, Jun 9, 2017.

  1. Mardym

    Mardym Affiliate affiliate

    Hi I have an adult domain that is currently being used for redirect purposes and links to affiliate offers. I am thinking of turning the domain into some sort of site for monetization.

    The domain is related to the cam girl niche and I'm not sure on what to do maybe a tube site or blog. What do you think the best move here? Anyone with experience running these type of adult sites?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Voluum
  3. webjohn

    webjohn Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    I think a tube site would be the best choice for cam niche. You can get a premium adult theme for less than $40 from our shop at Xwpthemes.com and you can build your own site. Here is our resource page: Adult Tube Themes

    You may also create a blog but you will need to update it every day with posts if you want to rank on the Google.

    I recommend to check out some posts on http://mradultaffiliate.com/ where is lots of information regarding how to rank sites, which cam sponsors to promote et cetera.

    Have a nice day.
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  4. ClickCashStacy

    ClickCashStacy Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    If it's a cam-related domain, you might want to display currently live models from one or more networks on it. ClickCash offers a few different ways for our affiliates to display iFriends live models either through RSS/XML/JSON feeds, iFrame live grids, and WordPress plugins that you can use if you're using WordPress.

    You can also spotlight different models in the form of a blog. If you wanted to promote iFriends models, you can use a ClickCash tracking link to send users directly to the model's profile that you're spotlighting. That's in addition to images, banners, live feeds, and bio information for your use, too.

    Either way, let me know if you'd like to add iFriends marketing to your site! I'd be happy to give you additional options and help you get going.

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  5. JH1nz

    JH1nz Affiliate affiliate

    I have a cam domain name, and I'm using it to promote a Chaturbate whitelabel.
  6. jonvryant

    jonvryant Affiliate affiliate

    Do you want to try out Adult Dating?

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    Waiting to hear from you :)
  7. YTZ International

    YTZ International Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hey Mardym, you should implement a back button script! Place an Adult Smart Link on it, and *bam* you'll be adding 10% to your bottom margin!

    Feel free to add me on skype ([email protected]) or check out YTZ if you're interested in this opportunity!
  8. Brian Mike

    Brian Mike Guest

    Cam are really still hot right now :)

    I would suggest you to create a custom white label using xml feeds etc..
  9. krile93

    krile93 Affiliate affiliate

    I can get you an easy white labeling set up for you if you want to have your own cam site or even dating. DM me for more info.
  10. Nongmaithem Archna

    Nongmaithem Archna Affiliate affiliate

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  11. SmokieT

    SmokieT Affiliate affiliate

    Can you tell me more about the back button script? Where would a guy purchase the script or is it pretty easy to write one?
  12. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    You are about 10 years too late.

    Too many cam performers age doing hardcore for free today. There just isn't the incentive to pay for this on a large scale anymore IMHO (and from my recent market results) I have been involved in adult webcams since 2001.

    Your best bet is to chose a newer cam site with an unsaturated database. At least you stand a chance. If it's a well known cam site the newbie customer just does a type-in and the larger cam sites can afford to buy AdWords, other PPC, popups, display ads and plays the cookie game to try to capture the new customer. The have the margin for this and you don't as an affiliate.

    Many cam girls (men, couples) and or/their studios siphon-off the customers and do Skype or drag the customer to better paying sites where they are both the affiliates and the model. This is called slippage and the original cam site and/or that site's affiliate get screwed out of their money.

    Another form of slippage is when the camsite registers a new customer name for an old affiliate's customer and the affiliate loses the *so called lifetime rev-share* for that customer.

    It a real cesspool today. Everybody is screwing everybody while the business is cannibalizing itself.
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  13. Kingsuperflu

    Kingsuperflu Affiliate affiliate

    I would use the porn reupload method. That is what I did in the beginning when I tried to monetize and gain premium adult traffic
  14. Jamesaparl

    Jamesaparl Affiliate affiliate

    If I had a dollar for every time someone said that I would have 1 dollar.
  15. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    There are Three Kinds of Cam Sites

    1. Money whores ((Pay per view model) && (hybrid token or credit tipping in "free"))
    2. Charity cams for sex-freaks (Freemium/Token tipping model (some advertising subsidized))
    3. Stealth cams that cam models and studios use to shave both the cam sites, and by doing that; the cam site's affiliates -- any lifetime affiliate revenue is lost in the process.

    Good luck monetizing that mess. You are going to be so low on the food chain you will never see 6 figures for your efforts.

    Maybe, later I will talk about the *Webcam Mafia* How this business really works TBD later ...

    There may be a new sheriff coming to town to free the *slaves* and start a new equitable sharecropping;
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  16. h3yw00d

    h3yw00d Affiliate affiliate

    Tell me now. I can't wait
  17. Erik Anders

    Erik Anders Affiliate Marketplace Seller affiliate

    I would suggest putting on of the roboscripts on the domain. They have 15 cam sites you can choose from. These scripts are SEO optimised and they rank really well. I use them all the time.
  18. webjohn

    webjohn Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    There is an article which explains shows steps how to set up such cam site: How To Build Your Own Adult Cam Site With WordPress For Less Than $50
  19. Erik Anders

    Erik Anders Affiliate Marketplace Seller affiliate

    You could do that. But I use Roboscrpts.net and they set the sites up for me on my domains.
  20. Dutch

    Dutch Affiliate affiliate

    Very interesting to read your two posts.

    Yes i can also remember 2008, i promoted dutch (the netherlands) cams. It was very easy convert targeted cam traffic to paying customers. Times has changed dramatically sinds... Every year it seems harder to convert traffic. Yes the freemium sites are definitely taking potential paying customers away because of free shows. I have compared the Chaturbate earnings stats of big webmasters from another adult forum and my own traffic stats / earning stats from LiveJasmin and i earn a very big chunk of big Chaturbate earner with only a couple of big whales at LiveJasmin.

    About the stealth models and studios. I know the premium cam sites do a lot to counter this kind of fraude. And LiveJasmin own a lot of in-house cam studios... more control of models and studio operators because their influence. I read today on the other adult forum about Chaturbate and models talking in private chat to customer to join their own affiliate links... because of the power of Chaturbate models and not a lot of rules i think the stealth stealing of customers is more damaging when someone is promoting a freemium site and less risk when promoting a high end 1 on 1 site like LiveJasmin.

    There is still a lot of money to be earned but the entry level (knowledge and investing budget / portfolio) is not low / easy anymore.
  21. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    Part III -- the coming extinction of the cyber-pimp camsites.

    There are major technology changes happening that will be obsoleting many business models -- the tail will not be wagging the dog much longer.

    Anyone that has really been in this business knows that the real power is in the talent's hands

    Web RCT, Hyperledger, Stellar financial network, REST api, OAuth 2.0 ...

    Soon, anyone will be able to take any domain and create a turn-key webcam network for surprisingly little investment capital in broadcast and financial technology. Using smart contracts in the Hyperledger blockchain; models, studios, affiliates will be able to create transparent alliances directly.

    True transparency with democratic consensus in all transactions. With this done customers can freely associate with models, affiliates can freely associate with models and customers and studios may feel free to associate with customers, models and affiliates. No one owns anyone, no more shaving, no more repressive environments -- there is nothing hidden.

    Smart Contracts and Hyperledger blockchain can build chained relationships where all parties can sub-tier permissions e.g.; sub-models, sub-studios, sub-affiliates.

    For instance: a model can enter a smart contract with an affiliate; paying a certain rate; and can supply that affiliate with custom content for promotion.

    Or, the model could agree to broadcast her webcam on the affiliates own website on a negotiated rev-share basis for just that one site. All customers in the network have a wallet, that is under their own control, the customer wallet pays into the specific smart contract and then recorded by consensus into the relevant blockchain.

    The smart contract, when there is consensus of the transaction event; pays into the wallets of the receiving peers at their pro-rata shares of each transaction in a matter of a few seconds.

    This will create free cash flow and business investment growth and/or quickly realized profits.

    This is not a pipe dream look at the Hyperledger Project's sponsors
    Hyperledger Global Forum 2018

    The webcam business in estimated to be $1 to $2 billion a year and it's on the verge of busting wide open. Many other business models will be greatly affected also in the coming years.

    Adapt or die time (again) ...
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