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Mobile Marketing for Your Business

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by digiexpress, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. digiexpress

    digiexpress Affiliate affiliate

    If you run a business today, it is important to consider how mobile users are accessing your website. Have you actually checked to see if your current website is mobile responsive? If you haven’t, it is something you should look into. Creating a mobile version of your site is not that difficult. In fact, many newer Wordpress themes come as a mobile responsive theme. It may even be worth your while to change your theme. You should get into the habit of checking your Google Analytics or website statics log. Check to see what browser people are accessing your site with. No doubt there will be a high number of mobile users. This number is sure to increase as the popularity of mobile devices grows. When creang your website and adding new content it pays to consider how mobile users will see it. This is very true for ecommerce type sites. You want to ensure that your customers can buy via their mobile devices. Otherwise you may be losing out on sales. You need to understand that people are so busy and even if they access a message on their smartphone, it doesn’t mean that they will visit your site when they get home to their computer. Chances are they will get busy with something else and forget about your great offer, no more how it was. Take the me to test out the purchase system on your mobile device. If you don’t own one, then ask a friend to test a purchase for you. Things to take notice of include how the website itself displays, if any graphics display properly and the actual process of logging into your payment processing and then downloading your product. Not all mobile devices operate in the same way and people on IPad’s have a hard time opening zip files. If you come across any type of issue, try to find a solution for it. Of course, if you run into an issue, no doubt many of your customer’s will too. Just post your recommendation along with your instructions, or add them to a Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Another area to look at when it comes to mobile devices is to see how your social sites display. These sites are accessed by your customers on a daily basis so ensuring they display correctly could help you increase your fan base. If you haven’t considered the aspect of mobile marketing it is me that you do just this.
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