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Affiliates Wanted [Miner.Ad] Javascript browser miner | 1st month COMMISSION FREE

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by MinerAd, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. MinerAd

    MinerAd Affiliate Marketplace Seller affiliate


    Experience and a deep research in the scope of cryptocurrency gave us an opportunity to develop in-house browser mining script (JS and PHP) and build an advanced mining system, through which bloggers, forum owners, brands, organizations, etc. can MONETIZE their audience in a completely new way and get extra profit! Their visitors run the miner directly in a browser and mine XMR for a site owner, for example, in turn for an ad-free experience or whatever incentives you want.​

    Miner.Ad works fine with any type of traffic from any device.

    The Miner.Ad team looks for partnership if you are:
    • owner of website;
    • owner of browser extension;
    • media-buyer to share traffic via LP;
    • owner of clickunder/popunder ads networks;
    • owner of device(s) for mining (PC, laptop, mobile, tablet, even SmartTV)
    Our main benefits:
    • First month of partnership - COMMISSION FREE, 100% Profit! Next month 80-90% profit, the rest are used to operate and develop our service;
    • Advanced secure on AV detecting and Adblock skip (domains rotation);
    • CPU load adjustment;
    • Compatible with browser extensions;
    • Easy integration;
    • Detailed statistics;
    • Local miner;
    • Landing pages for traffic sending (redirects)
    • The main mining coin is Monero (XMR) - a secure, private, untraceable currency;
    • Our own pools for cryptocurrency-mining with no additional fee, what allows to make default profit up to 2-5%;
    • Our own pools physically located in the one datacenter in one local network, what allows to decrease network ping and increase profit up to 10-15%;
    • Honest calculating of your profit: hash_quantity*hash_cost;
    • Payouts on requests to BTC, XMR, ETN, WMR, Paypal and so on, minimum $5;

    Due to each of these improvements of our system, it has almost no analogs

    To start you just need to REGISTER
    For affiliates:
    • Add your Site and get JS miner script code
    • Paste this code into your site/extension/LP
    • Get profit!
    For Local Mining:
    • Add your Site
    • Press "Start Mining"
    • Get profit!
    Miner.Ad video instruction

    Looking forward to a successful working relationship in the future.

    If you require any further information, feel free to contact us:
    skype: live:anstasialebovski
    skype: live:minerad.official
    telegram: AnastasiaSupport
    telegram: Andrey_Support
    telegram: MinerAd_Denis
    email: [email protected]
    email: [email protected]
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  3. MinerAd

    MinerAd Affiliate Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Miner.Ad - JS miner, which is relevant despite price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market.

    The first month of work - 100% of the income, no AV detections, redirects, own pool, payments in BTC, XMR, ETN, WMZ and other benefits make our miner the most effective!

    Register to monetize traffic and get additional income!