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  1. MinerAd

    Affiliates Wanted [Miner.Ad] Javascript browser miner | 1st month COMMISSION FREE

    Experience and a deep research in the scope of cryptocurrency gave us an opportunity to develop in-house browser mining script (JS and PHP) and build an advanced mining system, through which bloggers, forum owners, brands, organizations, etc. can MONETIZE their audience in a completely new way...
  2. 3Snet network

    3snet cpa network

    We are CPL/CPA 3snet network and we offer - Traffic for advertisers on following verticals: Gambling / Poker / Lotto / Betting / Forex / Binary options / Crypto / Mining / Loan / Lending / Dating / Nutra / - Such profitable terms for publishers as High rates on offers / Individual terms /...
  3. Mineralt

    Affiliates Wanted Mineralt – the most effective and safety javascript browser miner on the market is an alternative revenue stream in addition to popup, native and media ads on your site. Mineralt offers JavaScript miner that you can embed in your website. Your users run the miner directly in their Browser and mine cryptocurrency for you. Mineralt main advantages: High gain...