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Million $$ Affiliate - Q&A Interview

Linda Buquet

Jeremy Palmer made $1.1 MILLION in commissions last year and 1 Million of that came from Commission Junction. (and some say you can't make money with CJ any more.)

Jeremy is a memeber here at 5 Star and I'm sure most of you in 'the biz' have heard of Jeremy who is one of the most well known super affiliates. I've blogged about him before. He won Commission Junction's (CJ) Horizon Award for Innovation and is a CJ Performer. He was also recently interviewed in a Revenue Magazine feature titled "The Million Dollar Man." Additionally he runs the popular site <a target="_new" href="">Quit Your Day Job</a> and is the author of <a target="_new" href="">High Performance Affiliate Marketing.</a> His book is on sale for 49.95 right now and is worth every penny.

Janet Meiners AKA <a target="_new" href="">Newspapergrl</a> recently interviewed Jeremy over at her site Affiliate Flash. She asked him the following questions which provide some great answers and tips for success, especially for newer affiliates.

<blockquote>"What was the most unexpected roadblock you faced as a beginner?"

"Should new affiliates to read a lot about affiliate marketing or should they just start?"

"What is your biggest pet peeve with affiliate managers?"

"What do you look for in a merchant and how do you find them?"</blockquote>
To read Jeremy's answers visit <a target="_new" href="">Affiliate Flash</a>.