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Looking For Mentoring

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by synt4x, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. synt4x

    synt4x Affiliate affiliate

    Afternoon all :)

    As a beginner to affiliate marketing, I know there is a lot to learn. Though, I am a determined individual who has the time and passion to succeed. Over the course of 7+ years, I have built a collection of web and desktop development skills. I am able to code fluently in PHP, C#, Swift, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and have worked with a multitude of frameworks.

    I mention that I have those skills because I would very much so like to return the favor to anybody who wishes to mentor me and to nurture my skills within affiliate marketing.

    A little about me:
    I am an 18 year old from Leicester, England. I've recently finished studying Business and Law at college and I'm now looking to get in to affiliate marketing. I've been a web designer and developer for over 7 years now.

    Working hard is a passion of mine and I put 110% into everything that I do. I hope that somebody can see the potential within me like I do and would be willing to help mentor both me and my skills.

    Skype name: jarrodnoonan

    Thank you for reading, and I wish you all a good day.
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  2. terraleads
  3. Segun.dr

    Segun.dr Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I can see the potential :) And I believe you already have a good combination of skills needed for the next level in affiliate marketing, what I can advise is for you to digest as many guides, follow along threads as much as possible, I also notice the forum has newbie guide/dojo which you can join, but if thats not enough you can shoot me a pm for some top mastermind I recommend for all. Success
  4. synt4x

    synt4x Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you. I shall certainly be reading everything and trying to get as much information as possible! It's nice to be in a community where everybody has a willingness to share their experiences and expertise.

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