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Official Mediadvice - an international affiliate network (pinsabmites, sweepstakes, CPI)

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    Mediadvice - an international affiliate network (pinsabmites, sweepstakes, CPI) - affiliate markerting

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    Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference by Smile-Expo: Gambling and Affiliate Marketing Event

    On June 21, Smile-Expo will host Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference, Switzerland’s unique event dedicated to online gambling business operations as well as to possibilities and advantages of affiliate marketing.

    As part of the event, top experts will explain how gambling market players can improve their business performance. iGaming companies will show their advanced solutions in the demo zone. The official part of the conference will be followed by the afterparty where participants and guests will be able to communicate in the cozy atmosphere and find new partners.

    The event will be a platform bringing together representatives of online casinos and land-based gambling venues from Switzerland and other countries. It will be interesting to betting providers, software developers, advertisers, affiliates, lawyers, arbitrage experts, gaming consultants, PR specialists, as well as members of affiliate programs, payment systems, and technical laboratories.

    Who will speak at the conference?

    Relevant issues will be discussed by lawyers, gambling advisors, CEOs, and employees from leading gambling companies, СРА and digital marketing specialists. They will talk about key market trends and industry regulation, product and brand promotion using affiliate programs and networks.

    The following speakers will share their knowledge and experience:

    Francesco Baranca, a lawyer with experience at major betting companies in Europe. CEO at Federbet, a Belgian non-commercial association.

    Dan Iliovici, Vice President at Rombet, an association of gaming operations based in Romania. He specializes in business planning, management, and PR. Besides, the expert has worked for regulatory bodies.

    Reuben Portanier, Director of Business Development at GTG Advocates and Co-Founder of Afilexion Alliance. Expert in technologies, finance, and gambling. Former CEO at the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

    Robert Toth, Key Account Manager at Global Bet. He has been engaged in the gambling sector for 10 years.

    Christina Thakor-Rankin, Gaming Consultant at 1710 Gaming Ltd. She has been focusing on the gambling sector for 25 years.

    They will make presentations, participate in panel discussions, and answer guests’ questions.

    The conference will involve leading gambling companies from Switzerland and other countries. They include Endorphina, Casino Neuchâtel, Grand Casino Baden, Barrière, PartnerMatrix, Buffalo Partners, Gamban, Red Tiger, and many others.

    The event will be concluded with an afterparty. It will be held in the Talks&Drinks format. Enjoying a glass of good whisky, champagne, or a cup of strong coffee, speakers and guests will be able to introduce their projects, find partners, investors, and make cooperation agreements.

    Location and organizer

    The conference will take place at Sheraton Zurich Hotel. The registration of participants will start at 9:30 a.m.

    The event is organized by Smile-Expo, a company that has been conducting international specialized В2В and В2С events for 13 years.

    Buy tickets at a 20% discount! You should just use the PR20 promotion code.

    Event details and program are available on the official website of Zurich iGaming Affiliate Conference.
  4. mediadvice

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    Dear affliates,

    OctoTracker is a Russian professional tracking system for media buyers and affiliates. Mediadvice has now formed a partnership with OctoTracker.

    A rich set of universal tools and unique functions, as well as friendly technical support, makes this service an indispensable tool in managing traffic flows and creating the most profitable campaigns.

    Powerful double-TDS system for maximum traffic management and an impressive set of flexible filters will bring your traffic campaigns to a new level.

    Other distinctive features of OctoTracker are powerful analytics on 20+ parameters, high-speed click processing, fast report generation, and built-in integration with the most popular traffic sources and affiliate programs not only in the CIS countries but also abroad.

    Use promo code MEDIAADVICE to get month free upon first payment.
    *the discount is valid for "Profi" tariffs only.

    Discover the power of Octo with us!
  5. mediadvice

    mediadvice Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Dear affiliates,

    We would like to present you our new partner SpyOver (Native ad Monitoring and Analytics Service) and their exclusive offer – use the promo code mediadvice33 and get 33% discount.

    SpyOver is a powerful tool for monitoring and analytics of native ads and landing pages.

    You can learn native ads and landing pages, analyze them and build your a new profitable campaign or improve your own, based on those data. And also, determine the best winning combination of your competitors.

    - Advanced search (Sorting by newest, running longest, received most traffic. And also by affiliate networks, countries, languages, devices, trackers);
    - Analyze every piece of campaign with detailed statistics for each ad.
    - You will determine winning combination: popular ad + transit page + landing page
    - Coverage 115 countries and 15 networks (Outbrain, Taboola, Mgid, Adskeeper etc.)
    - Download ads and landing pages in one click

    Interested? Then sign up, go to tariff page, enter the promo code - mediadvice33, click "Apply" and get 33% discount. (With promo you will save $50)

    Save money on creating new ads. Get Top competitors' ad creatives and use them for your own ad campaigns.

    Have some questions about service?
    Please, write to email support@spyover.com or Skype: SpyOver_support
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    Exclusively for Mediadvice users PeerClick gives 50 dollars on the deposit!

    You can use it like a discount for any billing plan. And of course, there will be a free trial period!

    PEERCLICK is an advanced ad tracking platform which enables you to work with different kinds of networks, advertising campaigns and analyze traffic efficiency, using ONE tool.

    We remind you that you don't need to specifically configure the integration between Mediadvice and the tracker. All the settings are already pre-designed by default.

    Use the detailed instructions for Mediadvice

    and don't forget your promo code "MEDIADVICE"

    It is a limited-time offer, so you better act fast!

    PeerClick advantages and features:
    • SAAS technology
    • Anti Bot Protection
    • Smart Routing and Smart Rotation
    • Anti Fraud system
    • Multicurrency
    • The most up-to-date tracker technology on the market today
    • Handles billions of clicks per day
    • Highest click processing time under any server load
    • The highest speed of report generating on the market
    • Group Campaign Reports
    • The fastest and most convenient user interface
    • Flexible multi-user system with different access rights
    • The fastest time of support response
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  7. mediadvice

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    Dear affiliates,

    Still looking for a reliable and stable ad tracker?

    We have cool news! Our new partner RedTrack creates the most efficient affiliate marketing experience to run profitable ad campaigns.

    To make this partnership more solid, our friends from RedTrack gives an exclusive 50% off discount for you. Get an advanced ad tracking and management tool RedTrack starting at the price of just $15/month!

    Sign up
    with the promocode MEDIADVICE and use RedTrack with 50% discount during your first month.

    Why use RedTrack?
    • Fast redirects from any geo;
    • Direct traffic tracking;
    • Built-in bot prevention tool;
    • Auto-rules for traffic distribution;
    • Multiuser access and publisher panel for team work;
    • 80+ presets for Advertising Networks and Affiliate Networks
    • Friendly support and free onboarding!

    Sign up with 50% discount now or start with their 14 days free trial first.
  8. mediadvice

    mediadvice Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Smile-Expo to Hold First Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference Dedicated to CPA Networks and Gambling

    On October 17, Tbilisi will host Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference, the country’s first event dedicated to affiliate marketing in the gambling industry. The event will bring together gambling experts, software developers, and affiliates.

    Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference by Smile-Expo will involve top gambling experts who will share information about new technologies and legal aspects as well as examine affiliate marketing prospects in Georgia and worldwide.
    Online Gambling Market in Georgia

    The Georgian gambling market is one of the core markets in Eastern Europe. Its traffic is freely accepted by such major affiliate networks as 3sNet, Adventor, and FINAFF.

    Besides, Georgian gambling companies use foreign networks to offer their solutions and unique affiliate programs appropriate to their products. The country is included in the map of affiliate programs operating at global and regional levels.

    Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference

    It is Georgia’s first event dedicated to gambling affiliate marketing, online gambling, and market potential. Invited industry experts will make presentations on online gambling trends, compare legislative issues in different countries, and share secrets of iGaming affiliate program operations.
    Exhibition Area

    The exhibition area will allow iGaming companies, software developers, and affiliates to present their solutions and services. Attendees will be able to appreciate exhibitors’ products and talk to company representatives personally.

    Whom the Conference Is Aimed at

    Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference will be useful to affiliates, arbitrage specialists, online casino operators, affiliate network representatives, lawyers, developers of specialized software (web platforms, apps, programs), webmasters, SEO experts, and marketers.

    The conference will allow to discover more about the gambling industry regulation, marketing strategies, and gambling affiliate programs. Conference guests will be able to take part in efficient networking, establish beneficial business contacts, and find new partners.

    Organizer and Date

    The event will be held by Smile-Expo, an international company that has been organizing business events for 13 years. Georgia iGaming Affiliate Conference will take place in the capital of Georgia on October 17.
  9. mediadvice

    mediadvice Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Dear affiliates,

    We are happy to present our new partner Clickadu!

    Drive Clickadu traffic to Mediadvice offers. Use the bonus code 'mddvc' during the registration and get $20 tops to your first depsoit or 10% if you're topping up with $300+.

    Clickadu is the digital multi-format advertising network. Their handy Self-Serve platform helps affiliates, brands, and agencies to get desktop and mobile traffic worldwide from direct publishers at comfortable pricing models.

    Their main features:

    - A huge volume of multi-geo traffic from direct publishers for desktop and mobile channels

    - An advanced Multi-DC platform that minimizes discrepancies

    - Popular pricing models: CPM, RTB, SmartCPA, SmartCPM, SmartCPC

    - Multiple advertising formats: Popunder, Mobile Dialog Ads (Push-Up), Push Notifications, Pre-Roll, and SKIM.

    - New conversion scoring and tracking system

    - Flat traffic spreading for creating A/B tests

    - Personal approach for managed advertisers

    - Unique in-house tools for traffic quality control

    Boost your revenues with Clickadu and Mediadvice!
  10. mediadvice

    mediadvice Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Dear affiliates,

    We are happy to present you our new partner LanderBolt, all-in-one landing page management system, host, editor and everything you need to make your landing page load speed super fast without any development skills required.

    Benefits you get with LanderBolt:
    - Universal Page Importer - import any landing page you may find on web by simply providing URL.
    - Extremely fast load speed of your landing pages. If you don’t believe us, just try it yourself! Optimized for high volumes of mobile and pop traffic.
    - Javascript Affiliate Suit, Automatic Link Replacer
    - Integrated with Spy Tool and Affiliate Tracker you already use
    - No CDN’s, FTP’s, Servers, DNS providers, or coding knowledge required
    - Growing Template Library

    LanderBolt is a system where everything from traffic to an offer is fast and easy!

    Ready to start? Contact LanderBolt (support@landerbolt.com) with promo code MediAdvice15and get your 15% discount!
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  11. clairedivas

    clairedivas Banned affiliate

    Mediadvice is a network that give the opportunity to work with the direct offers.

    Benefits of Mediadvice:
    - a wide pool of offer with high rates for various Geo's.
    - quick moderation
    - personalized support service
    - flexible payment terms.
    - work with various traffic sources.
    - real-time tracking
  12. mediadvice

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    Meet EVGENIE CHERNYAK, Headliner of the 8Р conference!

    - Businessman;
    - Top 100 Forbes;
    - Author of the most popular business training channel on Youtube Big Money;
    - Business Speaker # 1 in the CIS;

    For those who do not know, 8P is the largest conference on Internet marketing in Ukraine, the purpose of which is to develop online business and create a community for sharing experience in SEO, PPC, SMM, CPA and marketing in general.

    July 13, in Odessa 8P, 1800+ participants and 45+ speakers will gather.

    For you, there is a 15% discount by using promocode Mediadvice
  13. mediadvice

    mediadvice Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Dear affiliates,

    We are happy to present our new partner, CPV Lab Pro, a self-hosted, secure and flexible tracking system. It can be used by new affiliate marketers and professionals! Fast redirects and multiple campaign types are available, depending on user’s needs.

    CPV Lab Pro can easily handle everything from the simplicity of Direct Linking to advanced Campaign Funnels and Lead Paths.

    Main advantages of CPV Lab Pro:

    - Track & Optimize Everything - Unlimited clicks and actions tracking
    - Self-hosted & Secure Solution - Web Based, Self-Hosted Platform that runs on your own server, keeping your Data Private
    - Real Time Stats and Reports
    - Geo Redirects and Bot detection
    - API
    - 100 custom domains
    - Direct (Organic) Traffic pixel
    - Data history – as long as you wish, it’s your database!
    - MV Lab – multivariate testing tool
    - Bot Traffic Tracking and Blocking
    - PHP 7 Support - support and optimizations for PHP 7 servers, including Speed Improvements and Faster Redirects.
    - Performance Enhancements for High-Traffic - Optimizations for High-Traffic Campaigns
    - Cloaking Options
    - Support for Parallel Tracking from Google Ads


    The CPV Lab Pro self-hosted tracking platform has a special offer for you:

    - For the yearly plan get $50 OFF by using the Promo Code MEDIADVICE50 (just $547/year instead of usual $597) + a free MV Lab license for 5 domains
    - For the monthly plan get a free MV Lab license for 5 domains

    Just follow the link to see the available plans and get this offer!

    Get started today and experience unlimited flexibility and hundreds of data metrics with CPV Lab Pro!
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  14. mediadvice

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    iGaming Focus Areas and СРА Selection to Be Discussed at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference

    The second Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference organized by Smile-Expo will come back to the capital of Ukraine on September 26. Relevant case studies, networking, and afterparty: the conference program will be as efficient and useful as possible.

    What issues will be raised by speakers

    Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference will involve expert speakers: webmasters, affiliates, arbitrage specialists, marketers, and specialized lawyers. Presentations by most of them sparked the great interest of the audience at the previous event. This time, professionals will introduce new presentations and recent case studies of their practice.

    Tatiana Nasonova, CEO at Gambling Pro and an arbitrage expert, will analyze why advertisers and affiliates need to work closely to reach the maximum result. She will talk about core factors in the brand confidence as well as explain how advertisers can offer the best possible conditions to webmasters so that it won’t cost a bundle. At the past event in Kyiv, the speaker revealed how to enhance the conversion of your own offer tenfold. Tatiana is a frequent guest at international events as well as the founder of 'Tough Arbitrage of St. Petersburg' and Black Inc public pages.

    Roman Bout, Founder of Quints – a developer of affiliate program software, will illustrate how operators can seamlessly shift from Revenue Share to CPA and stress the importance of the registration to deposit conversion when selecting the СРА model. Besides, the speaker will mention special features of player behaviors and traffic analysis. At the first Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference, Roman shared examples of the high-quality support increasing online casino revenues and gave use cases of reducing the customer attrition by 50%.

    Viacheslav Ustimenko, CEO at LAWBOOT and an expert in legal consulting of IT, fintech, and gambling companies, will tell attendees about the legal difference in gambling, games of skill, and loot box projects as well as examine pros and cons of work with them. Moreover, conference guests will discover all about the banking compliance in 2019 from the expert: what has changed since 2018, what should be taken into account, what is already inefficient in comparison with the last year. At the previous conference, Viacheslav clarified where to register a company for the affiliate program and why the GDPR was a significant aspect for iGaming company operations.

    “LP and LLP partnerships are no longer legal solutions. If you need a reliable banking account, change LP for Hong Kong,” the expert stated.

    • For the first time, Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference will engage Vitaliy Stetsenko, a speaker at top conferences and events dedicated to arbitrage, CPA, and online marketing, and the founder of Initium Group (the holding company includes RichAdvert traffic arbitrage school). As an entrepreneur and infopreneur, he frequently provides the audience with interesting arbitrage best practices. At Kyiv’s second event, Vitaliy will present workable strategies for mobile traffic arbitrage and examples of efficient creatives and advertising campaigns.

    Panel discussion

    The conference will feature a panel discussion allowing influencers to talk about prospects of such areas as casinos, betting, and esports. They will highlight what to emphasize this year and how to find the necessary balance between the above-mentioned sectors. The discussion will be moderated by Levon Nikoghosyan from PartnerMatrix.

    Target audience

    If you are an operator, a developer, a webmaster, an arbitrage specialist, an affiliate, or a SEO expert, the major affiliate marketing event is a crucial point in your schedule.

    Networking and afterparty

    Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference means not only beneficial presentations and case studies. Event guests will also be able to take part in fruitful networking and obtain new partners for cooperation as well as for business promotion and growth.

    The afterparty will be available to owners of VIP tickets, sponsors, participants, and speakers. It is the best chance to negotiate on professional issues in a relaxed atmosphere.

    Organizer and partners

    The conference is organized by Smile-Expo, an international company that has been holding business events on innovations for 13 years. Media Gambling Sponsor of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference will be a business online publication called Login Casino, while Media Sponsor will be YOGONET International Edition.

    The event program can be found on the official website of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference.
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