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Looking For Media Buyers Needed!

Discussion in 'Employment Opportunities - Offering' started by affjobs, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. affjobs

    affjobs Affiliate affiliate

    Trying to crack it full time in the Affiliate Marketing world is tough.

    Offers go down. CPMs are too high. Your budgets are limited.

    But you have a unique set of affiliate marketing skills that are highly sought after.

    A common right of passage these days is to work at a top affiliate company - learn while you earn.

    SO......Why not work as a Media Buyer?

    It means you can...
    • Have a stable income.
    • Play with big budgets without burning a hole in your wallet.
    • Learn from the inside, out.
    • Unlock industry doors and grow connections.
    • Work from home or as a digital nomad.
    Have the best of all worlds. You can find career-changing positions on Affjobs - the go-to job board for the affiliate industry.

    Here’s ten exciting Media Buyer positions listed on Affjobs now:

    1. Media Buyer / Union Square Media in New York, NY, USA
    2. Performance Media Buyer / PixelHaus Media in Amsterdam, Netherlands
    3. Media Buyer [remote] / BitterStrawberry in Bucharest, Romania
    4. FB/Google/Native Media Buyer / Altitude Ads in Austin, TX, USA
    5. Media Buyer / Purple Leads in Tel Aviv, Israel
    6. Media Buyer (PPC - Facebook) / PropellerAds in Limassol, Cyprus
    7. Media Buying Wizard (f/m) / Mobile Entertainment GmbH in Cologne, Germany
    8. Performance Media Buying Director [Remote] / Logan in Buenos Aires, Argentina
    9. Social Media Executive / Upbeat Agency in London, UK
    10. Direct Traffic manager / CLIQ Digital in Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  3. Joseph Baker

    Joseph Baker Guest

    Hit the mark! Just in time!