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Marketing on Facebook

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by jjarrett, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. jjarrett

    jjarrett Affiliate affiliate

    If you have not read the first lesson in this series (about Google), then go back and read it. Each lesson is meant to help you build on your marketing. This is a 52 week and beyond course as I am always discovering cool places for you to market.

    Marketing on Google

    I did not include any links in this post because once you log in, it's pretty evident where everything is. Take your time exploring this site. Connect with others, and don't forget to join the CPA Fix group on Facebook. Otherwise, I will coming looking for you. ;)


    Personally, I think Facebook is a waste of time. When you consider how much of a clique it can be at times, and all of the stuff that's posted there, it seems people are far more interested in talking about themselves than they are marketing. However, that doesn't mean that it doesn't have value as a marketing site. You will just have to change your approach somewhat.

    One of the most important things I would recommend you do is be very selective about who you allow to be your friends. I've made the mistake of friending too many within my personal interests, and because of it, I have too many friends that just aren't interested in what I'm doing. What I would recommend is that you choose your friends carefully. If you are there to market, then stick to people who are in marketing, business, etc. Honestly, considering my reach compared to the number of friends I have, I really think I could dispense with about 90% of my friends and start over! :)

    What I want to do today is take you inside of the various areas of Facebook and give you tips on each one.

    1. Profile - This is one of the most important components of your marketing on Facebook. It is your opportunity to tell others about you, your interests, and what you do. As always, and you will hear me say this a million times, make sure you complete all the relevant sections. Include links to your site and talk about your business in your About Me section.

    2. Status Updates - Status updates are the newsfeed you see down the middle of the main page in Facebook. This is your opportunity to tell others what you are doing and share your business. Mix up your posts. You don't want to include only posts about what you are doing in your business. Talk about yourself a little. Share a funny video or photo, but mix it up. Videos and photos get lots of responses, and they also get shared, so this may be a way for you to share your business visually.

    3. Groups - With groups you have a chance to connect with those who are in your target market. Choose wisely when selecting your groups. You want a group that is responsive, has a lot of members, and is active. Groups are similar to forums, and it's an opportunity for you to share what you know. The most important thing to do here is to read the rules of each group and understand what you can do within the group. Otherwise, you end up banned. Also, see if you can upload documents or any types of files to group. This is a passive way for you to share your offers. One thing that would work particularly well, especially if your niche is something like dog training or any other topic where others are looking for information. Create a short report and add it to the files section. You may have up to 300 groups and 5000 friends total in your account.

    4. Events - If you promote your own products, and you're trying to get started in coaching or teaching others in some way, the way to do it is to offer an event. Once you've set up your event, make sure you invite others. One important point to remember here when building your friends list: if you are on Facebook strictly to promote your business, then build your friends list accordingly.

    5. Photos and Videos - I listed this separately because I think it is an important component of your promotion on Facebook. Create separate albums for both your photos and videos. Create photos and videos about your business. Diagrams work well because you can use it to illustrate something about your business. A good example would be something like how to start a business: domain, hosting, squeeze page, autoresponder, etc. Pictures of different dog breeds if you do something in that topic. Make your albums related to what you do. I have albums for everything.

    6. App Center - Creating apps is one way to make money directly. There are actually two different ways to do this. First, you can create an app to sell. You will have to promote it within the marketplace and build a large following. Once you have that, then it's a matter of selling the app. Don't disregard this as many have sold for $20,000 or more. The second way to make money is to add offers to your apps. Placing ads for CPA offers within your apps allows you to earn an income from your apps.

    7. Pages - Pages allow you to create an additional profile around a specific topic. You may create as many pages as you like on as many topics as you like. This is a great way to promote affiliate programs as well as your websites because there aren't really any restrictions on what you can create pages on. With the right page generator, you can create a never ending amount of content to automate your pages. One thing to remember here is your audience. Make sure you have friends who have an interest in the topic of your pages. You may want to consider confining your pages to two or three topics. That makes it easier to match friends and groups to it.

    8. Ads - Ads are one of the paid ways to market your business on Facebook. One of the most important points I can make here is to make sure that you target your ads. You want to choose your audience carefully. I get untargeted ads all the time shown on my Facebook. Those marketers get blocked whenever I can because I'm simply not interested in their offers and don't want to see them.

    9. Promote Your Posts - This is a new section that has been added to each post you make on your timeline. For a low one time fee, you can promote a post to your extended network. This is a great way to get your work out there and connect with those you may not have considered.

    The best thing to do here is to find a course by someone who is actually an expert on marketing on Facebook. I will be the first one to admit I am not. I haven't found my formula yet. Your arsensal of marketing techniques can be highly effective with only two or three internet marketing techniques anyway. Try out different things and then decide what works best for you.

    That's it for this week. Next post will be up on Monday, and we will talk about Youtube. Make sure you complete the first two lessons.

    Good luck,

  2. newbidder
  3. jjarrett

    jjarrett Affiliate affiliate

    One thing I want to mention here before I forget is that you can get free ads to promote on Facebook. Check with your hosting company. Most will give you a voucher for $50 to get you started. If your hosting doesn't do that, then do a search in Google. You can get pay per click and Facebook vouchers that way.
  4. Andy Haskins

    Andy Haskins Affiliate affiliate

    Nice post.

    Facebook has huge potential when utilized correctly but as JJarrett has said, pushing untargeted ads is a common and costly mistake.
  5. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Another great post by Jinger, some very valuable point here..thanks.
  6. friendbomber

    friendbomber Intriguingly Malevolent affiliate

    Nice information and very well put together. I need to find a content writer like you. Keep up the good work!
  7. ezeey

    ezeey Affiliate affiliate

    Great information. Facebook is strange as I've seen great results for some sites (mainly entertainment niches) but for big niches it doesn't convert so well but I can't say I'm great at social.
  8. jjarrett

    jjarrett Affiliate affiliate

    I am available as a content writer. Make me an offer! ;)

  9. jjarrett

    jjarrett Affiliate affiliate

    Oh, and don't forget the read all the lessons. Youtube and Yahoo are up now. :)

    I also wrote a post on keyword selection and search engines. Enjoy!

  10. Serious

    Serious Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Jinger another great post.
  11. str8one

    str8one Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Jinger,

    Could you recommend me some of these "right page generators" you may use or know as I am into FB fan pages and automating page content would be a great thing to achieve?

    Is Hootsuite one of them? Just because I've heard a number of times that Facebook penalizes you if you use an autoposting program like Hootsuite.
    But I have no experience with any of those so I can't judge whether this statement is true.


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