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Managing A Large Number Of Blogs


I just finished a post on managing a large number of blogs and thought that I should pop over and add some of the tips here :).

Managing just a few websites can pose problems, but when you start getting into the double digits, that's when the trouble really starts...if you're not organized.

I've tried a number of different techniques to help me get all of my blogs organized, to include online management software, off-line management software, notes in notebooks, etc. But what finally ended up working for me was a hybrid of all of them.

I have a three ring binder which houses a brief worksheet on each of my blogs, organized by group. I have a catch all e-mail account with satellite e-mail accounts set to forward to the cat all. I even have a publishing schedule as the first page in the binder (left that out of my post LOL).

In the long run, I find that's best to know the purpose of the blog, the individual goals of the blog, how much the blog is costing you (even if it is only a personal site), how much the blog earns you (even if it's nothing), who helps to write the blog, and when the content should be published.

It can save you a lot of precious hair follicles down the road :)


Linda Buquet

Thanks for sharing Teli. Good advice especially for those like me who are somewhat organizationally challenged. I only run a handful of sites. Can't imagine how affiliates with 20 - 100 sites do it. Even though you were talking blogs, what you suggested may help affiliates stay organized too.

I just took 2 days off to go play with my new grand daughter, so need lots of help getting organized after taking 2 days off. Think I need a personal assistant again to keep me organized so I don't need to deal with the small stuff. :p

Thanks for posting!


thanks for the reminder, we Affiliat markerters do need to be organized...

I really need to do that...

maybe then I can reducedthe number of fires i have to put out every week... LOL