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Making Money with PPV Traffic

Just sharing some knowledge to all fellow online marketeers, affiliates and advertising networks. Get in touch if you want to know more or use PPV traffic for generating revenues with campaigns.

Make money with PPV traffic

One way to make really good money using Affiliate Marketing is by buying PPV (Pay-per-View or CPV Cost-per-View) traffic and sending the traffic to Affiliate campaigns. As you are buying on a CPV basis and get paid per conversion this traffic type has to be set up very well in order to make consistent stream of revenue and we will provide you with some tips below:

For the ones that are not familiar with PPV traffic, the user flow usually works as follows:

  1. The final user has installed a Search toolbar in his browser through which he can search things on the Internet.
  2. Every time the user searches for something he will type a few keywords in the search field such as “buy a car”
  3. The user gets the results on his screen (comparable to Google Search results) and if there is a advertiser bidding for the keywords that the user typed the user will get a pop under (or up) with the advertiser landing page (in this case “buy a car”). If more then one advertisers are bidding on the keyword it’s the one with the highest bid that gets the traffic.
So after clarifying the source of the PPV traffic we can start explaining how Publishers can actually make money from this source.

How to start making money from PPV traffic:

- First you got to select campaigns from an Affiliate Network that are suitable for PPV traffic. In general PPV Advertising (or PPV in short) works very well for specific offers that have a high Search rating such as big brand names, but also generic advertisers that offer services such as Payday Loans, credit rating & background checks, e-commerce and dating. The other campaign selection criteria like a Lead campaign vs a Sale campaign or Single Optin or Double Optin conversion points are similar to when buying traffic through other sources. The general rule of thumb is that the harder it is to generate a conversion the lower the conversion rate and the higher the payout. We recommend you to sign up for an affiliate platform like Addiliate and search for campaigns that allow PPV traffic. Your account manager will be able to help you with selecting campaigns.

- Afterwards you will need to set the campaign up in a PPV traffic network where you can buy the traffic. The three main ones are: Propel Media - Contextual Display & Textlink Traffic / 50onRed / Lead Impact, LLC . If you want to receive a introduction to a account manager let us know and we are happy to introduce you!

  1. Next is to set up a bidding strategy on keywords. There are plenty of different approaches and all depends on the risk you want to take and how fast you want to get started. In general we see 2 most common options:
    1. Buy as much as possible for a high bid and quickly see what works and then shut down all the non-profitable ones and optimize the others. Obviously this is a more risky approach and you need to be prepared that you will lose some money the first days, the advantage is that you get a flying kickstart and within a few hours you start seeing nice commissions coming in.
    2. Start with the lowest bid possible and optimize slowly, check keywords that make some conversions and increase the bit slowly based on initial results.
  2. One very important next decision is if you redirect the traffic directly to the Advertisers Landing Page or you make use of a Prelander. W’ll explain both options:
    1. Directly sending the traffic to the landingpage of the advertiser is the fastest way to convert traffic and you don’t put any intermediate steps in the middle.
    2. However, creating an intermediate Prelander can increase conversion. Imagine you are sending traffic to a payday offer somewhere just before the end of the month and you can warm the user up with some questions if he would like to have a bit of extra money this month, the user can be more motivated to fill out his details on the next page. If you are into programming yourself you can make the Landingpage yourself or if you prefer you can use landingpage creation sites like: The Easiest PPV Landing Page Builder for Affiliate Marketers! or PPVTools – The Only PPV Tools You Need to Explode Your PPV Income! | ppv, ppv traffic, pay per view traffic, cpa marketing, ppv cpa, cpa ppv, cpv, cpv marketing, cost per view . Before making a prelander we recommend you double-check with your Account Manager of the Affiliate Network if this is allowed.
  3. Last is the continuous task of optimizing the traffic, which will take you most time on a daily basis. Most offers require only a couple of minutes of optimization per day although it all depends on the amount of keywords you are bidding on. You can set up A/B testing with Landingpages and targeting (time, frequency caps, zipcode etc). It requires a lot of finetuning on keyword bidding but once you hit that sweet spot, it can be a big moneymaker and some affiliates do make 5 over number months running PPV traffic for just 2 to 3 offers.
We would recommend for anyone starting out in the PPV space to start off slow, test 50-100$, optimize daily your keywords and then scale up. It’s also absolutely necessary to have your campaign tracking set up correctly on a keyword level so you can optimize your traffic buying.


Good Post!
Do you run sweeps directly or with lander?
If the user is already targeted (with keywords) and into the "product", it's better to direct link?


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I won't pursue the products (toolbars, payday) but thanks for the leads on the ad networks -- I'll check them out.

update: 1 ad link with a bad SSL cert, 1 RTB redirect, 1 domain not found; draw your own conclusions.

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You also need to tell the people that they need to prepare some money here for that matter for doing some jobs here and there with PPV traffic, all this companies wants no less than $200 it seems for that anyway. And sometimes up to $1000 and do not take just anyone.