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Do you have a Website?

Would you like to have an income stream that works 24x7, 365 days a year selling one of the hottest products on the Internet? Then become an AudioBookstorePortal affiliate site. You'll earn a 15% commission on every audiobook bought from your site.

You don't have to have any shopping cart software. You need not have a merchant account to accept credit cards. You don't need any massive servers to host the files and process the orders.

go to Join our AudioBookstorePortal Affiliate Team - How to become an AudioBookstorePortal Affiliate at Your AudioBookstorePortal for more info.
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Relevant content is the key to a good affiliate program

Audiobook downloads are a perfect affiliate program to complement virtually any niche website.

We can help you sell audiobooks directly through your website and you make 15% commission on every sale! We also provide all of the back end work, all you have to do is load the audiobook files we mail you to your site and after that we do all the work and you just have to wait for your paypal deposit.

Our audiobooks are in MP3 or WMA format for instant access 24/7 at prices superior to that of prepackaged audiobook CD's

Your websites visitors will really appreciate this relevant content as will the search engines. Content is king and adding audiobooks to your website is a great way to add quality unique relevant content.

To learn more or to sign up visit the Audiobook Store Portal