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Make $150-$2500 per qualified lead*

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*New Affiliate Program* Earn $300 per sale!

PayOne Solutions is a full service payment processing company offering businesses of all kinds a wide array of services, including:

? Credit card processing
? Debit card processing
? Electronic benefits transfer
? Electronic check services
? Payment processing equipment sales
? Leasing and rental programs
? 24 hour customer service
? Miscellaneous supplies
? Technical support

PayOne Solutions has business partnerships with some of the largest FDIC insured banks in the United States, most of which offer the most advanced credit card processing systems on the market, and provide our customers with some of the best deals available. Our presence in the marketplace allows us to negotiate the lowest commissions and best rates for the highest quality payment processing equipment, which means huge bottom line savings for you, as well as a long term increase in profitability.

In the end, the object is simple ? you need the ability to process credit cards, and it?s our business to make that process cheap, easy, secure and hassle-free. Our ability to do just that is what keeps us among the market leaders.

Description of the affiliate program:

Program Benefits:

?Trained sales staff does all the selling
?High $300 commissions
?Real-time tracking
?Proven marketing tools
?24/7 Technical support

Pay per sale: $300.00

For more information please contact Jason by email at:
For more information about our company visit