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Lost When Doing My Own Backlinking For Low Competition Keywords

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Nathan Cummings, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Nathan Cummings

    Nathan Cummings Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Everyone. I'm new to affiliate marketing and I have some questions about seo and backlinking. So I have no problem creating a blog through wordpress that can definitely convert sales. So that's the first part. But now when I'm having some trouble with technical stuff especially backlinking to get my long tail keywords to get to the top. Idk what I'm supposed to be doing at all. I know I'm supposed to be "backlinking" from high quality sites but how many quality sites are enough? And what link do I need to be putting on popular sites to be getting back linked? Do I put the link that has the keyword in my article or is it just my main website url that I should be getting backlinks for? I'm confused and really don't know what I should be doing kinda.
  2. terraleads
  3. Segun.dr

    Segun.dr Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    SEO is complex and can be simplified with time. I think you should first understand googles pengun and panda rule a little and flow into the hummingbird rule. You need to know what your anchor text is and the keywords usage, usually your keywords maybe your anchor text, but not always and the anchor text is the word that links back to your site, which is usually the keywords you want to rank high for, and definitely you need to put them in your articles since they link back to you but in the right proportion, don't over use them or consequences abound. Before starting out on backlinking, you always consider relative backlinking, sites similar to yours, your backlinks should come from the majority of sites that are related to yours. You should also link to other pages of your blog or websites, they will eventually bring traffic to main page. Also consider social media marketing, its a major part of your SEO. Use google plus very well. I hope this helps a little :)
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  4. Nathan Cummings

    Nathan Cummings Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks this definitely helps. I'm not even aware of the 3 rules that you mentioned above so that will be the first things I look into. I'm using yoast seo in my wp blog and that has seemed to help with optimizing my posts. I'm so new that I don't really even no what anchor texts are. I do have links in my posts text that link to one another. my site is puppycratetrainingexperts.com if you would want to take a look ever. I'm such a newb with seo that Ill take any advice Ill get. I'm trying to rank for a certain long tail kw but I cant find it on any results so I feel like the backlinking I've been doing has been kind of pointless. I've also heard some talk about new rules for how social media backlinks don't do very much anymore since there has been some google update. Idk. Also Where can I find some cut and dry information where it tells me exactly all about the google algorithm and such. I've been looking around but it only talks about the update but I want to know exactly what is needed to get everything in order to reach the first page of a keyword or top 5 slot ranking
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