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LookQuick.com Partner Program...

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by LookQuick, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. LookQuick

    LookQuick Guest

    My name is Bobby Bacchus; I am Business Development Director for LookQuick.com.

    Below is some information about the program:

    LookQuick depends on a large number of traffic partners to drive qualified leads to its advertisers. Our traffic partners display LookQuick's paid listings on their portal, directory, search engine, or corporate intranet; in return LookQuick pays its partners a commission.

    By the means of the linking method listed below.

    One of the most powerful LookQuick solutions is LookQuick Contextual Feed. Setting up this solution requires only placing few lines of code on your site and setting some preferences to adjust the look and feel of the listings displayed on your page.

    LookQuick's XML Feed provides our partners with absolute freedom on how to display LookQuick's listings on their site. This solution best fits search engines and large portals.

    LookQuick offers several customized solutions for domain owners, registrars and/or web hosts looking to generate revenue from traffic coming to their parked domains or parked pages.

    The Revenue Share Program is designed for partners who wish to refer advertisers or publishers to join LookQuick.

    And more options not listed above


    Please contact me directly with any question or concerns.
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  3. chenyingjing

    chenyingjing Affiliate affiliate

    Just took a look at your website. Quite good. Pity there is no a subtitile called electonics under your shopping category.
  4. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    HI Bobby,

    I was about to say welcome but then remembered something I read and Googled this: lookquick parasite
    http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient-ff&ie=UTF-8&q=lookquick parasite

    I know info can change so wanted to ask you. Do you still have a toolbar? Do you do drive-by installs? Does the toolbar overwrite and steal affiliate commissions?

    Unless or until there is a satisfactory answer I would strongly warn affiliates against joining this program. If I can find proof they are a parasite, I will remove this post.
  5. TarekYoussef

    TarekYoussef New Member

    LookQuick toolbar

    Hello Linda,
    My Name is Tarek Youssef and I am the CTO of LookQuick Interactive. Bobby has delegated the answer of your questions to me. First I would like to thank you for voicing such a legit concern, and giving us the opportunity to answer it.

    To backup all my answers with facts I will post here a link to our old toolbar which you can install and check for yourself. The link is:
    This is the same toolbar that you can download from any website that still maintains a link for it.

    Now let me divide your question into 3 parts and answer them accordingly. The first one is do you still have the toolbar? I think you mean do you still distribute the toolbar? The answer is NO. Since the incorporation of LookQuick and the launch of its new system in June 2004 we decided to take the link for that toolbar off our site. The reason we did that is because it is no longer representing the new name, professional look, logo, and functionality of the corporation. Any website that still have a link for that toolbar either never updated there site and/or they are maintaining a copy of this toolbar on there servers without authorization.

    The second question asked if LookQuick perform drive-by installation for the toolbar. Till now I have no idea why those so-called anti-spyware companies list our toolbar on there site. At no point, and I am providing a challenge to anybody reading this post, did LookQuick ever bundle its toolbar with any other software package, make it as an ActiveX drive-by download or any thing similar to that as we don?t even have an ActiveX version of it. The toolbar was only distributed through our website as a link for lookquicktoolbar.exe file with a complete description of that the toolbar is and how to download it and install it. The old page that held that toolbar is available on this link on the old website (There is some broken links on the page due to the fact that it sonly an archive):
    You can use WayBack machine available on http://www.archive.org/ to verify that this has always been the case.

    Furthermore, the toolbar registers itself in the add remove programs so you can remove at any point. It also does not force redirection to our website, change user homepage to LookQuick, or any other malicious activity. If any entity ever distributed our toolbar in any malicious manner, then it has been done outside LookQuick control, although I have never stumbled upon one. I hope this answers your question.

    Your last question is asking if the toolbar overwrite and steal affiliate commissions. I would like to ask where you read such information. The reason I am asking is because LookQuick never claimed, hinted or indicated that the toolbar is meant for our affiliates, it was simply an extra tool on our search page. Never did we say to any of our affiliates ?If you distributed our toolbar you will be making money from the users using it?. The toolbar has no such capability of knowing which affiliate distributed it. Again our website is archived on www.archive.org and you can check my claim yourself. I would only assume here that somebody downloaded this toolbar thinking it will earn him money, which I have no idea where did he get this information from.

    To sum this up the toolbar is a very basic toolbar. You can actively and knowingly download it, and you can easily uninstall it. And its purpose only is to allow you to search LookQuick.

    I am sorry if I have made this post so long, but I was aiming at answering in as much detail as possible your questions. LookQuick has been in business since 2002 now receiving over half a billion searches a month and is long time partner with most major PPC engines that would not take such activity form LookQuick.


    Engineer Tarek Youssef,
    Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA),
    Cisco Certified Network professional (CCNP), Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
    Chief Technology Officer (CTO) | LookQuick Interactive, Inc. | New York | USA.
    Tel +1 866-566-5784 x88 | Fax:+1 866-566-5784 (auto sensing)
    tareky AT lookquick DOTcom | www.lookquick.com
  6. Linda Buquet

    Linda Buquet Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Bobby and Tarek,

    Thanks for the long reply and all the clarification. Its unfortunate that other companies have created an atmosphere where affiliates, merchants and I need to be suspicious that any program with a download could be parasitic. I didn't mean to accuse but had to ask the questions. Thanks for responding.