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look for a webmaster partner

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by VMV, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. VMV

    VMV Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Guys

    We are a new start up web based company looking for a webmaster to join our team. We have develop a site offering a social networking with a twist and service that appeals to all people aged 16-70yrs.

    We are lacking a technical/webmaster member of our team and would like to find out the best way to find this person.

    Our site is set to launch over the coming month and would like to have a webmaster in place before this happens.

    We believe that the work load would be of a low level to begin with, as the site is just starting out and could fit around other projects the right person is working on. We would like to offer the webmaster a percentage share in the business in return for his work at this stage, we would be happy to discuss directorship etc.

    To disclose the full concept and details we would need an NDA signed, then we would be happy to cover all aspects

    If anyone can direct us on where we should advertise this type of partnership that would be a great help.

    Kind regards

    Daniel Keating
    07788 740472
  2. terraleads

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