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List of high quality programs from the CPAffiliates network


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Hey guys,

My name is Brian Appel. I am the Affiliate Manager here at CPAffiliates. We are a relatively new network (started back in December) run by Eisner Interactive. Eisner Interactive is a full service interactive marketing agency located in Baltimore. We are a division of Eisner Communications, which is a top 10 independent ad agency in the country.

Our focus is on high quality campaigns. You will not find any Burger King Vs. McDonalds or free iPod offers on our network. Offers found in the CPAffiliates network are usually exclusive to our network. We mainly do CPS and CPL campaigns. Below is a list of some of our top campaigns. Please feel free to contact me anytime to discuss opportunities. I am here to help.

I look forward to hearing from you!


- 20 year old proven diet program endorsed by Johns Hopkins and National Institute of Health

- pays out 20% per sale with a 90 day cookie

- Average sale is $240

- We have informational sites, content and creatives to support this program. We can provide you with everything you need for a review of this diet or to create an entire site for this program.

- Landing page url:

- Access to all your publicly available information from over 5,000 resources. $79.95 for a one year subscription

- Identity theft is the fastest groing crime in America. Review your records to ensure your safety

- Payout ranges from 25% per sale to 37.5% per sale depending on volume

- Landing page url:

Necessary Secrets

- High end lingerie company that competes with Victoria's Secret and Bare Necessities

- 15% per sale payout, 90 day cookie, Average sale = $105

- Free Shipping on orders over $50

- Landing page url:


- 20 yr old company selling Construction Management Software

- this is a B2B lead AND sale campaign

- Payout is $5 per VALID lead and 15% per sale

- Lead = 30 day free trial download with valid contact info. Sale is for $495 and happens after the trial is over.

- Landing page url:

- Poetry contest with a chance to win $10,000

- Earn $3/lead submitting poems to

- No cost to enter this contest

- Photo contest with a chance to win $10,000

- Earn $3/lead submitting poems to

- No cost to enter this contest