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List Of Free Backlinks Builders


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Here is a list of sites that give free backlink building services.

IMT Website Submitter(2500+ Backlinks)
EZ Click Bank Free Backlink Generator(2400+ Backlinks)
WhoIsToday Backlinker(100+ Backlinks)
FreeSiteScripts(600+ Backlinks)(In Stages)
BackLinkIn(Registration Needed)(In Stages)(600+ Backlinks)(Lots Of Popups)
LinkSoar(10 Backlinks)
AllProMan Backlink Generator(20+ Backlinks)
Users5 Backlink Generator(250 Backlinks)(Must Submit Again For Each Page)
Webmaster Deck Backlinker()
Backlink Generator(300+ Backlinks)
Keith Purkiss Backlink Generator(20+ Backlinks)
Online7 Free Backlinks(20+ Backlinks)
Marketing Blog Online Auto Backlinks(100+ Backlinks)
Webmaster Deck Backlinker(300+ Backlinks)

A total of over 6600 backlinks

Please post more and I'll add them :D Hope this list helped you.

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Here is a list of sites that give free backlink building services. 
[url=]IMT Website Submitter(2500+ Backlinks)[/url]
[url=]WhoIsToday Backlinker(100+ Backlinks)[/url]
[url=]FreeSiteScripts(600+ Backlinks)(In Stages)[/url]
[url=]BackLinkIn(Registration Needed)(In Stages)(600+ Backlinks)(Lots Of Popups)[/url]
[url=]LinkSoar(10 Backlinks)[/url]
[url=]AllProMan Backlink Generator(20+ Backlinks)[/url]
[url=]Users5 Backlink Generator(250 Backlinks)(Must Submit Again For Each Page)[/url]
[url=]Webmaster Deck Backlinker()[/url]
[url=]Backlink Generator(300+ Backlinks)[/url]
[url=]Keith Purkiss Backlink Generator(20+ Backlinks)[/url]
[url=]Online7 Free Backlinks(20+ Backlinks)[/url]
[url=]Marketing Blog Online Auto Backlinks(100+ Backlinks)[/url]
[url=]Webmaster Deck Backlinker(300+ Backlinks)[/url]
A total of over [b]4200[/b] backlinks
Hope this list helped you.
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Nice list. Big note to all members!
Do not use all of these. 1k posts seems like a lot and it seems all good but it will not do your SEO very good.
Let us know how these have worked for you.
I'd love to trust backlink generators, but thus far haven't found one that actually produces valuable backlinks.
The numbers sound impressive. Perhaps these are different.
Is there really any advantage to using these? I would imagine Google is well aware of all of them and doesn't place any value on the backlinks they provide. Worse yet, something like this could even get you penalized.
Remember that it's better to have quality sites linking to your own website over time. Your site likely won't fare well if you have next to no activity, then a blast, then another drought.
Thanks for the share, I have bookmarked this thread :D As someone already mentioned above, blasting a fresh site with thousands of links is a bad idea. I'm not even sure about the quality of the links these sites provide BUT I'm sure they would make a great second or third tier in my link pyramid. I'll be trying them out soon, we'll see what happens :)
Have these actually had a positive impact on your search engine ranking in the long term?
Also, could any website be submitted to that, because you don't really want to be associated with any websites that do black hat seo or anything which would have an adverse affect on your own site.
This is an impressive list, it's good to know that there are at least some free services that will provide this.
The list is a great collection - no doubts on that. But going with the changes on the google algos, I am scared to death to use them at a go. Maybe I will take a couple of months or more to get my links posted on all of them. It is always best to scatter your links, isnt it?
I guess I'll be a party pooper and tell you that these links aren't worth using. Low quality, spammed backlinks like these will not help your site and may even be detrimental in the long run. I'd recommend manually making web 2.0 properties than doing this.
Odds are that if you do a backlink check, you won't even have a handful of the thousands of "free backlinks". use at your own risk.
No matter what, you need a lot of backlinks to your site to go up in the search engine rankings. Relying mainly on a few backlinks from high quality sites would not cut it. You can confirm this by checking out the number of backlinks on sites that are on the first page of the search engine result. You'll be amazed at the number; it is in the thousands.
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