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List Building Mastery!

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by joshuaharwood, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. joshuaharwood

    joshuaharwood Affiliate affiliate

    Hello Fixers!

    Well, I think this is my first official "Thread" I have started here on Affiliate Fix, so I'll try my best to make it of value. It might be long, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

    Before I do...

    Huge thanks to Oliver for the crafting & construction of one bad ass Forum. I actually signed up a few months back, but as you do, I "got to work" & started learning & implementing everything I was learning as I was/am obsessed. Another thanks to Mr Wessman, as it was him, who taught me all this marketing & it was his blog where I first learned about email marketing & it's undeniable power... So thanks guys.

    If you're not building a list in your business, you need to. A list is an asset you'll have for many years. You can pass that list down to your children & they can do the same for a looooooooong time!

    The cool thing with list building is, it's actually very simple & super easy to set up. All you need is a one page web site (Capture Page) & an autoresponder. Oh... & some traffic of course.

    If you are not building a list, but instead, you drive traffic straight to a sales page of whatever product you're promoting, you're "hoping" people will buy. If you send 1,000 people in a single day to that sales page, you might get 10 sales. So, out of 1,000 people, only 10 purchased the product you're promoting. What about the other 990 people? What happens to them? They vanish back into the big world of the interwebz, where you will NEVER see them again.


    If you were building a list that whole time, you might send 1,000 people directly to your capture page & not a sales page. Out of 1,000 people, you might have a 40% conversion rate. That means, 400 people from that 1,000 decided to opt in to your list. Immediately after they opt in (Literally immediately. Instant monetization) you show them the product you're promoting. Lets say, 10 of those people decide to buy straight away, the same as the above example. What about the other 390 people who did not buy? What happens to them?

    They may not have resonated with that particular product. But, you now have the ability to promote other products to them. Simply because, you built a capture page to capture those people as leads into your autoresponder. Two days might go by & you decide to send an email to those 390 people who did not buy the first time round. You could promote the exact same product. But this time, you might get another 10 sales. A week later, one more promotion of the same product, to the 380 people who have not purchased yet. Another 10 sales might come your way.

    How insanely powerful is that? You've already tripled your sales, just because you added one extra step into your business. That product in the example, might even have one time offers & up sells too. Which means, that product might sell for $47. The owner will (Should if they're a good marketer) have some kind of funnel in place, giving each customer the chance to "upgrade" their purchase to something of higher value, which is always a bit more expensive. Affiliates are usually paid for these too. That boosts your affiliate commissions through the roof... When all this is done correctly of course.


    That's a real basic over view of why you need to build a list. There are so many ways where you can take just that basic concept & multiply it by 1,000 & put it on absolute steroids. But, no thanks to time, I just don't have that luxury to dive in deeper.

    The goal of this post, is simply to encourage everyone who is not building a list, to build a list.

    All comments & questions welcome.



    P.S - I have been on a few lists where the marketer was a complete dick & just kept pitching, pitching, pitching & more pitching. That's the quickest way to run your business into the ground. You need to be cool to your list & provide value. As they say, the money is in the list right?


    The money is in the value you provide to your list & the relationship you have with them!

    My official... Later!
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