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Linux V/s Windows Servers

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by storminternetuk, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. storminternetuk

    storminternetuk Affiliate affiliate


    There are many newbies into the market who always get confused to choose between a Linux and Windows servers and bang their heads in confusion.
    I would like to emphasize on all those points who want to discuss their application and kind of websites they like to host and what server would suit best to them.
    There are many points on which Linux proves reliable than windows

    - Linux provides more secured platform, compared to Windows. Even though both Operating Systems have drawbacks in their working. But when they are compared Linux proves best in terms of security

    Cost - This is the important fact why Linux is being chosen more than Windows. Linux being an open source doesn't require Licensing where as you need to pay for license on Windows servers.

    OS level Management
    - Both the servers provides good level of OS management, Linux being a little more advanced in handling it. But when it comes to OS patches and bugs, Windows servers always have to patched and KB installed regularly. This sometimes makes some application loosing their normal working ability and again the patch has to be removed. This is not the case with Linux as there are very less situation when a patching is required. And when the patch is installed for Linux they are stable and never create a service breakdown for any application.

    Stability - Linux is more stable than Windows for obvious reasons of of OS stability. There are hardly any cases of OS crashed on Linux as compared to Windows.

    H/W Requirement - With regular upgrades and Updates of Windows OS the hardware utilization is more compared to that of Linux. If the OS is managed on a Virtual environment, then Linux proves to be more stable, easy to scale as the usage grows and is more flexible. On windows the scalable option is good when it comes to downgrading any hardware resource on a VM environment then Windows servers tend to break.

    StormInternet UK:)
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  2. terraleads
  3. Cavalier0754

    Cavalier0754 Affiliate affiliate

    Great Post :)

    The only comment I would add is pick the OS that natively supports whatever your website is programmed in. For example a C# .Net Application I would always stick on a windows sever box where php, java I would stick on a Linux box
  4. storminternetuk

    storminternetuk Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, exactly PHP, JAVA are some applications that can be managed in the best way on a Linux box.
    moreover if you compare Linux and Windows both then it is easy to debug an error within the server or for the site on a Linux as logs are stored and usable in a very efficient way.

    StormInternet UK:)
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  5. plutarkosy

    plutarkosy Affiliate affiliate

    About the security thing.. it is really up to you the administrator to secure your server, there is no OS on the market, free or paid that can protect you from using terrible security practices like using weak passwords, enabling remote root access and stuff like that. If you have badly programmed applications running on those servers then having a linux or windows box is not going to make any difference if those apps are vulnerable to hacks like sql injections.
  6. Rackend

    Rackend Affiliate affiliate

    well, for today there is no big difference between these OS, however the main benefit of Linux is free cost and flexibility for web hosting purposes
  7. Ninja Marketer11

    Ninja Marketer11 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for clarify with some logic and definition.
  8. HaBangNet

    HaBangNet Affiliate affiliate

    Linux is more stable than Windows server.