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Lindas New Keyword Tool

Linda Buquet

I just co-branded a new Google Adsense Keyword Tool that I think is really helpful in finding affiliate KW niches as well as potential Adsense riches. The search box below allows you to search an extensive database of Google Adsense Keywords. You can see the total potential revenue per day, not just the Cost Per Click. You need to find a nice balance there and unfortunately most people seem to focus mainly on the highest paid keywords. What typically happens is that there is a lot more competition to get people to sites with high paying keywords, which means what little traffic there is, is already highly competitive. Pick your favorite niche key phrase or a new niche you want to research and see what you can learn about it!

<strong>Enter Key Phrase Below to Discover:
Cost per Click
Total Clicks per Day Estimated Volume
Historic High/Low Data
Total Cost per Day Estimates
Related Key Phrases to Click and Instantly Research</strong>

<strong>Click here to use the new <a target="_new" href="">Google Adsense Keyword Tool</a></strong>

FYI those are NOT my Adsense ads when you use the tool, I'm not making a dime off this, just sharing!

Symbiotic, the developer, created a Google Adsense Keyword List, but they made it slightly different than most. They took the same list, with the all the information coming from Google itself and not Overture, and sorted it 3 different ways. The first is Bid Value, the second by Traffic, and the third and most important, by Total Revenue per day! This way it gives you a really good idea of exactly how much you can make per day, not just how much per click. Although this is a small distinction, the resulting revenue can be significantly increased!

You can also go to SYMBIOTIC to review their <a target="_new" href="">Top Value Adsense Keyword Lists</a>. "Browse the top valued 1000 keywords. Last time we checked, they were all over $30. This is the quickest way to find your high value target word to optimize for."

Enjoy the nice long holiday weekend. Happy niche hunting!



Thanks for that Linda! Very cool tool indeed.

Here's one for you to try out. It's really different, but I like how it shows you the relationship of keywords and potential keyword sets ...

Enjoy! :D