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Linda, Advice for my new site.

Franck S

Hi Linda, I am a little bit busy these days with a new affiliate project, that's why I am not often on the forum.

I have a question about my next project. I am going to start a new site and trying to dominate a niche, and I want to use all the traffic generation method for that. The old one, and the new one as well (Web 2.0).

I use to build my affiliate sites with a static html site, and a Wordpress blog. The problem is that the main site take me a lot of time to update.


I am thinking about a wordpress blog as my site, like yours (5 stars blog). It will be easier to update, and I will have RSS enabled...

I like Wordpress blogs, and search engine like blogs as well, so I think it is better than a static site. I already started the site. I am thinking about putting my blog in the root directory.

What do you think?

Linda Buquet

Actually my blog is not in my root, it's in a subdomain of my main site.

Many people do use Wordpress for their main site and others use Wordpress like a CMS even if they don't want to set it up as a blog per se.

Depends to a large degree on what you are most comfortable with, but your plan sounds fine to me.

Franck S

Is there a difference when your blog is in a subfolder or in a subdomain?

I've never tried subdomains, but it seems that many authority sites use them like for example.

Is there any advantage when you use subdomains? I may choose this option as well.

Franck S

I think I will leave my home page, since it's already indexed and ranking.

I am waiting for your response about the blog subdomain or folder, and I have another question: how do you add the RSS feed on your home page.

Linda Buquet

Sorry, I don't see a question about "the blog subdomain or folder."

Are you asking whether to do: or
It's a toss up. Subdomains USED to do better in G a couple years ago.
Not sure it's still true but I use a subdomain for my blog and it's
#1 in all the search engines - so hey - works for me! :p

Right now the RSS feed on my MAIN home page is just cut and pasted. I'm manually updating it due to a formatting probalem I can't figure out with my RSS posting script. I use several different things to post RSS feeds. I have the Blog feed here on the forum using feedburner BUT it's just java so not spiderable. I use RSSEqualizer on some pages and then some free program too.
Cant remember the name of it.

Franck S

Thank you Linda, I think I will go for the directory instead of the subfolder. You have great content, I think it deserves the 1st stpot.


New Member
Hi Linda. Here's a possible solution for your problem with RSS Feeds on your blog. At least I think you said blog.

This is a plugin for WordPress that let's you add multply feeds to blogs. It's called KQF

Here's a very good video that show you what to do with KQF.

KQF Video I got this link and info from a Web 2.0 book I picked up for free today.

It's called Internet Web 2.0 Authority BlackBook. I'm going to post the link to it in the forum as soon as I do a check to see whether or not it's already here. It's a FREE book that is chock full of Web 2.0 information.

I'm not sure what the owner, Jack Humphrey, is promoting, but the book is
1st rate, and the price, FREE, is tough to beat. :D

Anyhow, maybe the video will help with the feed problem.

Good marketing

Note: I just DL the WP blog program and have to install it. It sort of looks like this new Web 2.0 is the new marketing.