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limitations of social media marketing

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by brita811, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. brita811

    brita811 Affiliate affiliate

    I have an e-commerce site and i want to achieve success with that , so i think i should learn some basics about all these.What are the limitations of social media marketing?
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  3. brainmoore

    brainmoore Affiliate affiliate

    We should focus more benefits rather than limitations, social media sites like FB, twitter, pinterest provides advertisement on their platforms both paid and organic.
  4. AshleyBenzen

    AshleyBenzen Affiliate affiliate

    Social Media marketing plays a vital role in the business promotion but, there are some limitations of using it. A proper social media marketing plan should be developed before doing social media marketing. Social media marketing has a great importance in the today's marketing field.
    1. You should be well aware about how to use various social media websites for your product or service promotion.
    2. You should which type of post you have to post and how often to post. Excessive posting should not be done in a day.
    3. Avoid using posting direct links for the promotion of your product.
    4. Start an effective and successful paid ad campaigns on various social media websites but, the text and keyword selected for that should be relevant and impressive.
  5. David5

    David5 Affiliate affiliate

    I think yes, you should learn about how to use these social media channels for an eCommerce site promotion. After that, make a proper social marketing plan.