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Lets Share : What site do you use for your graphics?

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by Glcameron, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Glcameron

    Glcameron Affiliate affiliate

    There are a plethora of sites online offering " free graphics" not encompassing the fact that the graphics you may use freely on your site may have a copyright attached. So for those seeking to break into the wonderful world of web presence, what sites do you use for free license pictures?

    I'm tempted to post a few pics on my site but I want to make sure they wont come back and bite me in the behind later. I use morguefile, what do yo use?
  2. AdCombo
  3. BigBigFan

    BigBigFan Affiliate affiliate

    I like to use Flickr's creative commons licensed images. Real photographers who are building portfolios can use the backlinks more than image selling sites in my opinion.

    You can find the creative commons images in the advanced search section on Flickr.
  4. atomic76

    atomic76 Affiliate affiliate

    Brusheezy and Vecteezy are both great sites. I'm pretty sure everything on them is free for whatever use. I also like to visit design sites like Smashing Magazine on a regular basis since they periodically give away freebies on there too. Even if I don't currently need what's being given away, I will save it for future use.