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Learn Affiliate Marketing - Free Audio Series Podcast

Linda Buquet

Fraser has started a great series about the very beginning phases of getting started with affiliate marketing.

So if you'd like to listen to a cool guy with a cool accent TELL you how instead of reading about it - listen to the free audios while you work.

I really like this 1st audio because it talks about the importance of starting off with a topic you know about.

#1 Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing - The Idea
"The first episode is about coming up with the idea for your first site."
Listen up! The Idea

#2 Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing - Hosting & Domains
"Here is the second in the short podcast series with some tips for people looking to get started in the world of affiliate marketing."
Listen up! Hosting & Domains

#3 Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing - Write some content! -
"Write some content. There is no way to avoid this issue. If you want to have a website worth visiting so you need to start writing!"
Listen up! Write some content!

What do you think? Did you get any new ideas?
Do you like to learn by listening instead of just reading???


Thanks for posting this Linda :)

If anyone has ideas for future topics it would be great. I'm hoping to cover as many issues as possible with individual 5 minute podcasts over the next few months.

If I don't know enough about the issue I'll try and find someone who does and get them involved - someone like you Linda ;)