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Lead Generation tools legal?

Discussion in 'Lead Generation' started by Make Money Online, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. Make Money Online

    Make Money Online Affiliate affiliate

    I wanted to know is country based lead generation tools are legit to use? As well as what about email scraper?
  2. newbidder
  3. lmefastpay

    lmefastpay Affiliate affiliate

    Hello To
    Make Money Online

    I just came accross your question. Thought I would share an experience I had with an " Email Scraper " I am not totally clear as to what you mean by Country Specific lead generation being legit.

    But a while back I got caught up in a huge launch of what was going to be a most transformable and game changing bit of software.

    I thought it very pricey for the idea of it. Considering the prices you most generally see for this type of thing.

    Normally I might have seen, ya know maybe $97.00 for the basic package .And maybe one or two add ons. Or " Upsells"

    But for this " Majic Button " lol I shelled out $799.00 . You see after watching the two or three promo videos of this piece of software in action. I could almost zoom in on the guys face enough to see Actual Real $$ $$ in each eye.

    This guy was raking in Incredibly targeted purchase ready email addresses by the dozens. Everytime he hit the GO Button. It was incredible editing . This guys videos. I mean I saw him at 10 -10:30 pm West Coast time run a search.
    ( Scrape ) and pull in a few dozen email addresses with all the pertinent info. Send out an affiliate linked email. And within a relatively short amount of time. I don't remember exactly. I think it was like an hour to an hour and a half and the seller cameback to his PC . Pulled up his affiliate account .

    Low and behold. Several clicks,
    4 sales , And $181.00 in sales.

    So you know I whipped out my Credit Card along with probably everyone of the viewers . Picked it up instantly , set it up, Selectted my emails. Sent out a couple of ready made affiliate emails. Went to bed .

    Got up eagerly and with my coffee in hand turned on my laptop. I had a number of clicks. Also had some replies from some angry people wanting to know how I got their personal email addresses. A few threats. And an email from Yahoo. stating that it was very easily determinable . that I had used some illegal or Black Hat software prigram to go through yahoo and search for email addresses . Which of course is in violation of Yahoos terms of use. And a severe violation of the federal canspam laws. And that my Yahoo account that I had . Had since 2004 . 2004 was even in my email address. It was very important to me having it for that length of time. And it was immediately suspended. I have tried to appeal and apologize for my poor judgement. I still have never been able again to access my email account. I immediately switched the software off.

    I wrote an email to the person who I discovered lives in Hong Kong. A British Guy. But now doing online marketing out of Hong Kong. And pleaded for my money back. I found that many people were also trying to get their money back.. I Called credit card company. & Nothing , Nada , Zip , Zilch.

    So yes this is an unnecassarily long and info filled email. But it is simply to just suggest to you to avoid email scrapers. Do not believe those SOBs that are just going to cost you big time......

    Good Luck
    God Bless
    Lisa & Terry
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2015
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  4. Make Money Online

    Make Money Online Affiliate affiliate

    Big thanks, buddy. I do also thinking to buy that kind of software. You just save my back. The software able to scrap specific geo-location that is the country specific thing. So the email scrapping is crap.
  5. New Marketer

    New Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    Most of the lead generation software are as crap as hell. Don't me dilute by their attractive ads? If they really work then why they share and sell their software at very cheap price. Because it would be the gold mine for any marketer, isn't it?
  6. Erik Kyle

    Erik Kyle Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, Lead general tools is legit. No doubt about that.

    You can build landing pages to generate leads, attract targeted traffic with Google Adwords and Facebook Ads and nurture them with email marketing.

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