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Launching my GPT site - decisions decisions - need advice and "help" thanks

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by freebiequeen, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. freebiequeen

    freebiequeen Affiliate affiliate

    My original idea for site is to utilize my social network/facebook friends (over 3000) and
    my freebie site visitors to create a gpt site = for people who don't normally do gpt sites haha

    I have firmly decided to NOT advertise other gpt on my site, I have removed all ad options
    cause I think it is crrrrazy - same offers, same stuff.....it is like you canablize yourself

    I honestly would like to eliminate some of the crazy "path" offers - cause they require people to sign up for
    so much junk...

    I have been doing freebies and affiliate stuff since the 1990's and I can tell you the bs offers
    like "get a $500 visa card" (with participation) have ruined many offers IMHO

    I just hate them.....why should I get paid 30 cents for people to sign up for a bunch of offers when I could get paid for each offer??

    that is why my own freebie site does not use them and I also quit some of the freaky "trial" offers that require people to ship back junk
    and go thru hoops and loops to get their refund...no thanks. Integrity counts - which is why I have a good base of people
    and I plan to use the same integrity on my gpt site <grin>

    I do need ideas - what referral level?
    How to prevent fraud??

    I don't want a cheap click for pennies site. I want a site that average middle class (or broke former middle class) Americans like myself would participate in with the idea to make some extra bucks, get an amazon gift card and so forth. I don't want this to be "here is your dream job"...haha

    But I also don't want to lose lose - I need to put in something to make sure that I get paid so I can get them paid
    payout amount? how soon to pay ? (wait period?)
    should I have the first payout be a net 30 or ??

    I do have some local people who will beta test and who I trust and will pay quick :) I run a frugal /coupon swap group and we can meet and test the site on laptops ....need ideas? thanks
  2. terraleads
  3. Cavalier07

    Cavalier07 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi :)

    Just had a quick skim of your post as am I a bit rushed for time atm here are my thoughts;

    I 100% agree with not advertising other gpt sites on your site. Makes no sense to promote the competition

    Referral Levels most sites pay between 10% - 20% Level 1 and someones <5% for Level 2 referrals

    For fraud prevention look into proxstop and maxmind for starters. You need anti proxy protection as a must. Also most networks won't touch you unless you lock all trial offers earnings for at least 30 days, some networks will require funds to be locked for 60 days to protect you from reversals and the losses that can casue

    With thousands of GPT sites having members to wait 30 days to get paid will put most people off. Most new sites will start off with Instant - 3 day payout as it will proove your not one of the many "scam sites out there"

    Hope that helps. If you have any more direct questions let me know


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