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Larn who unfollows you and your business rival on Twitter and Instagram for free

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by JoomorD, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. JoomorD

    JoomorD Affiliate affiliate

    I decided to make a service which might show the detailed info about my followers and unfollowers. It turned out that this stuff is much in demand and I realized the time to share has come.

    For now you can absolutely free of charge:
    - watch who friend/unfriend you
    - monitor the page of your girlfriend/boyfriend
    - see the followers who come to and leave from the accounts of your competitors.

    Service is already perfectly working with Twitter and Instagram.

    Watch who subscribes to the Instagram acc of your business rival. These users can be immediately gained over your side and the profit will be there for you!

    The service is easy to use: enter in the form here zebraboss.com link, instagram or twitter nickname or page id and your email to get reports to and it's done.

    Since the service is actively developing, your comments and suggestions for improvement are truly welcome!
  2. Voluum
  3. JoomorD

    JoomorD Affiliate affiliate

    By a popular demand, we added a new useful feature to the user reports. Now everyone can unsubscribe from any group or user page directly from the report in 1 click! To unsubscribe, go to the full version of the report and click “Unsubscribe” near the required page or group.

    This function is especially useful for administrators of the communities who track a large number of groups at the same time.

    We remind you that you can always start tracking friends and subscribers of a new users or communities directly from the report. To do this you need to add new links in the box at the bottom of the report or on the Home page and click on the “Subscribe” button.