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Landing Page With Double Optin Conversion Tracking

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by akangaden, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. akangaden

    akangaden Affiliate affiliate

    A newbie question here:
    I am new to the affliate tracking sofware. Currrently I am promoting a Maxbounty offer with Bing Ads and using Redtrack as the tracking sofware which is currently offering a free plan for max 10.000 events. I figure it has more or less similar features to Voluum.

    I set up a landing page which contains a double optin form using Aweber.
    When visitors land on the landing page from the traffic source ( I use Bing Ads) they will need to fill in the double optin form, confirm the email subscription then afterward they will be redirected to the "Thank You" page. The Thank You page has an affiliate link to the offer.

    My question is in which page do I need to put the tracking link? Do I need to put it on the landing page or the "Thank You" page?

    Thank you very much
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Certified

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    you need to put it on call to action button .
    but hey that's 2 campaigns you are trying to track, you will need to track both of them.

    i mean you need to track the lead magnet, and the offer you are putting in the thank-you page,
    means that's 2 campaigns in in your tracking tool.
    hopefully you understand what i am saying.
  4. akangaden

    akangaden Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Thank you for your reply.
    So I need to create two separate campaigns in the tracking software , one campaign is for landing page, and another one for the Thank You page.
    Would you tell me how to set up the campaigns to make sure information from the traffic source (Bing Ads) such as Keyword, Query Strings etc is passed from the Landing Page =====> Aweber Email Confirmation Link======> Thank You Page====> Affliate offer link===Tracking System (Redtrack or Voluum)?
  5. akangaden

    akangaden Affiliate affiliate

    Anyone? Any help would will be appreciated..
    Thank you
  6. Sanshez

    Sanshez Affiliate affiliate

    you definitely need to use it on those two pages, this will help you not to miss anything!
  7. akangaden

    akangaden Affiliate affiliate

    HI, thank you for your help. I have created two campaigns as suggested. I put the landing page tracking link (first campaign) on Bing Ads.
    But I am still confused as to where I am supposed to put the tracking link/ of the Thank You page (second sampaign)
    Would you shed light on this?
  8. Certified

    VladZh New Member Certified Vendor affiliate

    @akangaden - please reach out to me - best way would be to drop a line to support e-mail (don't post often so cannot post links yet :) ) mentioning this thread. We will have a screen-sharing session and will help you set-it up and test the flow.

    It is part of our process - so fill free to leverage it.