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Landing page and auto resondper- HELP!

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Digitard93, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. Digitard93

    Digitard93 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi all Here's where I'm at -

    I'm trying to get set up to run CPA offers. I've purchased a "generic" domain name, set up wordpress and a couple of landing page plugins, bought proxies, funded my 7 search account and set up tracking with P202. Let's light this candle!

    I'm planning on using mail chimp for now, because I'm trying to hold down my costs. My goal is about 200 emails in a niche, then I'll take on the cost. I can export the list from mailchimp and move to Aweber or Get Response when the time is right.

    I really need help getting the whole funnel straight with all of this. So far what I've
    encountered is:

    1. Landing page/PLR offer button with "Discover more" or whatever, that sends them to-

    2. Email optin (2 step in). They click "Sign me up" and...

    3. Mail chimp/Autoresponder optin box pops up, they have to enter email again

    4. They receive a confirmation email to opt in to your list. I assume the link to your offer is contained in that?

    5. Thank you page/Redirect to offer? Not sure about this part with mailchimp I'm new to using it.

    This seems like a pretty long funnel, they'll never get to the CPA offer.

    My question(s) are from a technical standpoint:

    1. How should the funnel look for capturing emails and getting people to your CPA offer? The basic funnel I see taking shape as I set this up seems too long. More importantly, how do I set up a proper funnel.

    3. What is the funnel for bypassing collecting email. I know it's not preferred, but I want
    to test both ways.

    I'm really confused about getting people from my landing page to either email optin/offer or just offer.

    I've been fighting this for a week, going all over youtube and other places with no help. I wanted to get my first campaigns rolling this weekend, but it appears than's not going to happen.

    Would someone be willing to let me call or skype with them? I'm not looking for anyone's campaigns or landing page ideas, just some basic technical know how.

    If you're willing Please PM me, Thanks!
  2. terraleads
  3. crysper

    crysper Moderator moderator Service Manager affiliate

    You can skip the 2 & 3 steps and put them all on first page. On mailchimp just create a list, click on it after creation, go to Signup forms > Embeded forms and grab that code and paste it on your lander. You'll need some html/css editing to make it blend on the page. However they also have popup forms that you can choose. Browse a bit the mailchimp documentation and you'll figure it out.

    The funnel needs to be very simple...gets to the lander, enters the email, confirms the email and done, they are on the list.
  4. Digitard93

    Digitard93 Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for the response.

    I get the simplicity thing.

    I really want to stay away from coding if I can avoid it, because I'm not good at it. I found a WP plugin that's actually pretty good for landing pages and lead capture, but not good for CPA stuff because it puts extra steps in the process.

    Guess I'll have to revisit optimize press.
  5. Addy112

    Addy112 Affiliate affiliate

    Take a look here maybe you can inspire. And watch out many say that people from mailchimp are not too friendly with affiliates.
  6. Digitard93

    Digitard93 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for that Addy.

    No, Mailchimp isn't friendly to affiliate marketers, but it's some place for me to start. My goal is to get to around 200 emails and then switch to either Get Response or Aweber. Probably Get Response, because I can pay for an entire year up front, I like that over recurring monthly cost.

    I have finally solved my problem (I was at the end of my rope when I started this!) by using Optimize Press. You can create the simple funnel required without having to code.
  7. benteo

    benteo Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Digitard93,

    Are you using any tracking solution such as Voluum or Adsbridge with Optimize Press?

    Am trying to use Voluum/Adsbridge with another WP landing page plugin, but not successful. I may just use Optimize Press if it works...



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