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Kiwi says Hi from Australia.


New Member
Hello To Linda and all fellow members, from Downtown Melbourne Australia ... :cool:

Thought it was forum "etiquette" to first introduce myself before I go on an endless question rampage.

I'm 56 years gone and hope I'm not to late to join you all in making zillions from Affiliate Marketing.

Have had a dabble with Adsense, but have come to the conclusion that there are only a select few who really know all the secrets to that puzzle.

At this stage, getting started in the Affiliate business has been my stumbling block, so I hope with the help of fellow Affiliaters maybe I can get over that first hurdle.

Just a small warning, I will ask so many questions that you will be saying, doesn't this guy ever shutup ... :rolleyes: but I hope once I have the tools, I can offer something back to the forum and those starting out in the future.

Regards to all,


PS: Any fellow Melbourneites in the house.
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Welcome to 5 Star, Murray.

It is never too late to get involved in affiliate marketing.

One thing you might want to do to help yourself is to go to our Newbie Affiliate Forum and read as much there as you can. Pay close attention to the threads with the "Sticky" label. Some of the question you have in mind will likely be covered in that forum.

We don't mind questions. We love questions. Just ask whenever you have any questions. Our members are very friendly and very helpful.


Welcome Murray

I am from Brisbane but now in Montreal! Are you watching the World Cup Action? New Zealand look good at the moment.

It is great to have you here and to pass on your knowledge.

Linda Buquet

Hi Kiwi from Australia,

Thanks for joining 5 Star. We're happy to answer questions but like Larwee suggested read the newbie forum stickies and probably the niche forum posts too. You will get a good foundation that way on the basics, then you can ask more specific questions that have not already been answered.


New Member
Thankyou team 5Star.

Larwee,JAmieF and Linda,

Thankyou team for your welcoming replies.

I have much to learn and will take all your surgestions onboard.

Hope to one day be able to return everything I do learn, back to the forum and help anyone starting out like myself.

Thanks again.


JAmieF you couldn't get more extremes in weather climate could you - Brisbane to Montreal.

Here in Melbourne the drought is so bad now, that we have only 60-70 days of water left in the Thompson Dam which is our main supplier.

Yes have been watching the cricket with interest and had abit of luck so far with a multi-bet I took ::)
Kimi Raikkonen to win the Australian Grand Prix, into the Kiwis to win their Group, into Essendon to make the finals in the AFL, into the Kiwis to win the World Rugy Cup.


Hi Murray

The extreme weather is a bit much. Though you get excited when it is 2 degrees(as it is today). Is Melbourne going to drink recycled water? Brisbane is not too far away from that.

That is a good bet but

New Zealand=semi finalists specialist and Essendon are the wooden spoon contenders.

Did you bet on the Melbourne storm in the Rugby league? Do you know who won last year grand final for the rugby league :)