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Keys To Success With Incentive Traffic

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by Summer Saunders, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. Summer Saunders

    Summer Saunders Affiliate affiliate

    Nowadays the popularity of incentive marketing increasing day by day. You can easily convert any traffic following ways:

    • Points and Rewards based Virtual Currency
    • Content Gateways / Content Unlocking
    • Social Incentives
    • Co-Registration / Offer walls

    Incentive Traffic in Games

    We are living in a virtual age and a lot of online markets have been fueled by success with virtual currency to drive their user base up, and continue to get more interested consumers. The ability to purchase virtual goods and get access to virtual worlds has been the backbone of the online gaming industry. This allows users to stay intrigued and motivated to keep playing, all while giving advertisers a larger base to market to on a more consistent basis.

    Content Unlocking

    More recently, Content Unlocking has become a major player in the incent space as a traffic form. Content Unlocking and Content Gateways usually have a layered form over the actual web page that will prompt the user to complete an offer to gain access to the content of the site. This works well in the download and toolbar world, as many people are often searching for software or browsing download and torrent sites.

    Long Term Success

    The key for long-term success in working with Incent traffic is to make sure all sides are in full understanding of what is to be expected and allowed from the traffic source. Advertisers love the thought of paying less money for leads but need to be aware of the channels these users are coming from. Everything will be different on a case by case and offer by offer basis so it is important to have that be cleared up at the beginning of the business relationship.
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  2. newbidder
  3. Joshua Connolly

    Joshua Connolly Affiliate affiliate

    For me content locking is working great for incentive offers. But I always fail to success in long run. My leads aren't quality enough because most of them are coming from free traffic sources. Would you like to suggest me how could I drive quality traffic for my incentive offers?
  4. Summer Saunders

    Summer Saunders Affiliate affiliate

    There are several ways you can drive quality traffic for any incentive offer. You can follow the latest trend like movies, games, software etc. Hot niche is games. Then find the crack or coupon then lock the content. Mention your title this way : [GET], [FREE], [Coupon]. After that do a simple SEO job like bookmarking, link building. By this way, you can get quality traffic from search engine. Social media is one of the biggest sources for drive quality traffic. You can join your niche related groups or community. Then share some free stuff and collect their emails and build your traffic empires.
  5. Anonymous Marketer

    Anonymous Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    Actually I am doing kinda black hat process. Normally I search on the trend which is popular right now as for example Game of Thorns new seasons. Then I simple search on the internet and find out the link which one is showing the season. Then I write a link in a text and upload any free cloud site. I usually write the review on my site and lock the content ;). Simple but effective.
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  6. Super Marketer

    Super Marketer Affiliate affiliate

    I do agree with the process of game niche. But I do market in different ways. There are several mobile strategy games on the web and people are love to play with their friends. However, they also love to win against their friends. As a result gamers are each for strategy books for winning this game. I normally buy it the books with PLR rights and lock it with a content locker.
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