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keyman here

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by keyman, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. keyman

    keyman Affiliate affiliate

    Hi I have been in this game for a few years now and have always been an underground guy without any partners,

    so why are you here then?

    well I hope I can find somebody serious in this game too so we may partner and grow together, I focus on adult, ppv, and recently dabbling into mobile so I will keep sharing real stuffs here until the potential "you" who sees my name and sees that we can work together.

    have a good one!
  2. terraleads
  3. djcrunk

    djcrunk Affiliate affiliate

    Hey there man, welcome to the boards :cool:

    I’ve been in the mobile game for a few months myself. Already earning a bit and learning a lot (but not even as close as I wanna be though, cause when it comes to IM, the sky is the limit, right?). I also find that is pretty hard to find intermediate to advanced affiliate marketers, to mastermind, brainstorm, bounce off ideas or even partner up to kick some serious ass in joint projects & campaigns.

    Is like once they start making some money, they fall off the grid and go underground, till they emerge some super affiliates making $xx,xxx/day. And let’s face it, a lot of them won’t give you the time of the day, unless you buy their new course/tracking software/spy tool/forum subscription/join network. But most likely they also found new successful mentors, friends and allies on their way to the top.

    Anyway I read some of your posts and they are fuego. Good stuff and I recommend everyone to check them out and apply to their IM game, ASAP. Cause even the big guys are closing up more and more when it comes to real stuff that actually works.

    So places like Affiliatefix are even more relevant than ever, to people starting with IM, Cause the only other forums that matter, don’t even have free sections. Don’t even get me started on WF & DP lol.

    Anyway I made a thread on the follow along section, to keep track of progress, and maybe get to help or inspire some fellow fixers about mobile. Cause that’s the most level playing field right now. And this is survival of the fittest, heh. You gotta start small but dream big. Work smart and hella hard, cause IM is serious business.

    See you on the flipside bro, good luck & profits.


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