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Ken - Affiliate Manager -


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Hey to I guess just Linda for now. I'm sure this forum will take off soon enough. Thanks for letting us in on the ground floor Linda. Noelle will be joingin shortly if not all ready. Take care and good luck with the forum.

I've been an affiliate manager for almost a full year now and I'm still scratching the surface of information about this beast that is internet marketing. Any info I can pass along and receive in return will be fanatastic and I look forward to making great relationships through the forum.


Linda Buquet

Hi Ken and Welcome,

No one is here, because the forum has not been announced yet. I just asked Evan for his opinion on the design. I should be ready to announce this week and then it should start to get some visitors.

Thanks again and come back often!
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Hello Hello

Hi Linda!

Can't wait to see all the buzz about your new forum - Ken and I will be here as well as the most recent addition to our Marketing Team - our new Affiliate Manager, Dawn Bachers! We are all ready to contribute, listen, learn and of course to help anyone that has any questions about our affiliate program!! :)


I'm here!


This is Dawn, the newest AM to join the team. Linda, the fourum looks wonderful. I'm sure it will be quite a resource for me. I look forward to posting and learning on this great forum!

Linda Buquet

Hey Noelle and Dawn,

Big Hi and Welcome! So good to see the whole DentalPlans AM team here. Thank you for joining us! We will all learn and grow together!


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Hi to all the folks over at (and Linda!) - I'm so excited to see so many familiar folks here. :)

Looking forward to sharing in your insights and to sharing my own. Get in touch anytime.

Noelle - I don't seem to be getting your emails though for some reason - let's try to touch base soon.

Ken - you mentioned being relatively new to the Affiliate game (though it's easy to become well seasoned in a jiff in such a quick moving biz) - if you need anything or just want to brainstorm ideas feel free to get in touch anytime. Noelle has my contact info if you don't.

All the best,
Liz Gazer
AM & Online Marketing Specialist


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I felt like resurrecting my intro thread instead of starting another one. That's right Linda, you've been up for a year and a half, heh.

Anyway, we're still going strong at and are always on the look out for great affs.

If you are signing up for our program cause you heard about us on this forum then we want to talk to you and get to know you. In addition to bumping your payout :) You can give me a call any time if you want to chat about the program. I'm not sure I can list the number here, but if you pm me I'll gladly send it over.