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This is a question for the more experienced and long term affiliate marketers/promoters.

What is a realistic expectation to set for myself as a newbie regarding the amount of money I can earn monthly.

For example, my first goal is $1.50 a day which is about $45 a month. Is this a realistic expectation to set for starting off? Or is this a better expectation for 3 months from now, or 6 months from now. How long should I expect (if I put the work in) to wait to start earning this amount.

I know it's hard to say how long it will take seeing I could choose a poor niche, google may not index me to months, etc.

S. Cole

p.s. I hear a lot of stories about what can be made online with this, but I'm curious to know what the normal or average amount is. Do an average affiliate marketer make $500 a month, $1000, $2000? I know that a few make $10,000 or more, but those are few and far between.


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realistic goals

$1.50 a day can be very do-able. Important thing is to set goals that push your limits, but that are still reasonable. Then work your mindset around that gathering everything you need to work towards that. My very first time doing affiliate marketing I made a net profit of about $150 for the first month. Not too shabby, but I had invested a lot of time and money in learning direct marketing strategies before ever doing any affiliate programs.

The next month I only made about $40 net profit. There are waves and ups and downs when you start off in anything so don't think that whatever you've done is any indicator of where you are going. It's a matter of practice and planting seeds and growing them

Get your hands on everything having to do with marketing, NLP, sales and self improvement you can. It will pay off big.

All the best :)
Enigma Valdez