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JV Partner with insurance niche - 6-7 figures annually

Discussion in 'General Internet Marketing' started by Reddevil, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Reddevil

    Reddevil Affiliate affiliate

    so I'm partnered with Prudential, ING, World Financial Group, and Pacific Life

    what we are trying to do is fill up webinars and preach why its important to have a retirement plan

    we have a team of people representing the companies listed above present the importance of planning for retirement at early age and sales guys at the end of the presentation to attempt to close some sales.
    We will provide an upfront one hour long info sessions for free so the person who joins the webinar has nothing to loose.

    all you have to do is help fill up the webinars and for each person we are able to sign up you get $150 right off the bat. Its like CPA - except its $150 per person - residuals. if they stay for the whole year with the same company you get $150 the next year automatically!

    currently we are closing down 5-10 leads every week but believe Webinars are the way to scale it up pretty quickly.You will be getting yearly residuals so its a good way to earn some autopilot money...

    Note: to the mods if this is the wrong section for my post plz. i would appreciate if you could move to the proper section
  2. terraleads
  3. Noriel

    Noriel Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    How can i join this job Sir, Please do guide me in here i dont have any knowledge regarding this thing but i willing to learn and willing to sacrifice in any kind of aspect just to learn something regarding this, Please leave me A private Message if ever im offline Thanks

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