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Just a Little Theory

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by tamewasp, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. tamewasp

    tamewasp Affiliate affiliate

    In the past years there has been so much change and no doubt in the years to come it will continue.

    Now you know you can only pump so much content in and then it starts looking a bit bloated. Then you check the competition out and decide , damm it, I am going to have to carry-on loading. And so it becomes a race which in it's final phases is only satisfying google.

    They we have links and articles and you see requests for 250 articles going on to Getafreelancer. And then a couple of weeks later another 200 and then the competition is getting a little closer so you add another 100. Now you have 200 000 in total.

    So with all those links and 1500 pages of content it really gets you nowhere because your position is threatened all the time.

    So why enter into this "ENGINEERED" race.

    I think it will disappear - SEO that is - and there with be a PPC system for those who want to compete and some other system for those who don't want to pay.

    shoot me down in flames
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