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Making money from affiliate programs is something that you will have probably heard quite a lot about if you have explored internet marketing as much as we have. There are tonnes and tonnes of affiliate programs out there, some of which will easily make you money and some of which will never make a penny. The thing you need to remember with affiliate programs is that you need to have something that people want and the LivingSocial affiliate program offers just this. If you haven?t heard of LivingSocial, it is basically a daily deals website similar to Groupon. In fact, the two websites are competing quite a lot at the moment which is good news for you as the affiliate as you will be able to benefit form a lot of marketing that the companies are doing. LivingSocials affiliate program works in a similar way to Groupons and it is completely free to sign up to and it will only take you a few minutes. After this, you will be able to offer daily deals on your website every single day of the week without any effort at all. When a deal is sold through your website, you will then earn money from LivingSocial. The great thing about LivingSocial is that they have daily deals set up all over the world and they are currently in the UK and the US. This means that wherever you are, you will be able to offer deals that are appropriate for your area. If you have a community based website, there couldn?t really be a better alternative as this will allow you to offer local residents the chance to buy daily deals at a good price. All you have to do to sign up to the affiliate program with LivingSocial is head over to their website and click the affiliate link. Here, there is a form to fill in with your details and when you have done so, they will email the instructions to you. Signing up will probably take no more than 15 minutes and then you will be able to place the deals on your website in a self updating widget.