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Interview with Jared of Affillion Network - 11/07/2011


Hello and a warm welcome from, kindly introduce and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey, thanks for this opportunity. My name is Jared Esguerra and I am the Co-founder of Affillion, along with my partner Kenneth Metral. I am 24 years old and live in Miami, Florida, one of the best cities to live in! I am a traveling junkie and enjoy going out, cars, mixed martial arts, working out, and business.

How long have you been involved in the CPA industry? and for how long exactly?

I have worked online since I was 15 years old, and have been in the affiliate game for over 5 years. It was not until last August that we founded Affillion. Since then, everything else is history.

What made you get involved with Affillion, and what is your exact role within the company?

Well my partner and I saw the explosive potential in the affiliate world, and our passions are helping other people succeed and make money online. Because of this, starting a network was a no brainer.

Tell us a bit more about Affillion, and what makes them stand out more than the other CPA networks out there?

There seem to be about 10 new networks popping up every single day and it never ceases to amaze me. In this industry, you live and die by your reputation. What makes us stand out is our impeccable reputation of paying affiliates on time and helping them take their campaigns to levels they thought were never possible. You can do a quick search for us and check out our reviews and payment proof screen shots; all the hype is true we really treat our affiliates like family.

Another main difference is that we consider ourselves a private “boutique” network, meaning we choose very carefully with whom we wish to work. We are a family, and we treat each affiliate as a part of that family. We become friends with our affiliates and develop personal relationships, because that is what business is all about.

Most networks have a lot of the similar offers, payouts and pay schedules, but what really sets our network apart is the relationships that we build with our affiliates and the mutual loyalty that is built from that. Because of this, we dedicate ourselves 100% to our affiliates' success.

If we don’t have an offer that you're looking for, we guarantee that we will get it within a day or 2 and have it ready to run. We do our best to match or beat any payout you find at other networks, and are willing to do what ever else it takes to ensure your success.

How many publishers does your Network run with? and what’s the easiest way to get approved or in contact with you?

Since we dedicate a huge amount of time to each of our affiliates, we are very selective in who we approve. I don't want to disclose the exact number of our affiliates, but we have a very diverse network of people who receive our personalized services. We pride ourselves on our elite service and want to be able to maintain the quality of our company. We do this by ensuring the quality of our affiliates.

What offers and methods do you see working best at this current moment?

Travel and tech related email submits are the hottest things right now, via various media channels like social media, cpv and emailing.

So tell us about your payment methods and how often you are willing to pay publishers?

We strive our hardest to be able to pay affiliates weekly. For affiliates that mainly push email submits, we can guarantee weekly payment. If the affiliate pushes EDU or high paying lead gen offers, we like to work with him or her for a month before the first payment. After that, every affiliate will be on the weekly payout given that the traffic backs out and is legitimate. ***Legitimacy is key

Here at we believe publisher support is the one most important things within the CPA industry, so tell us what you offer your publishers?

This is our strong point. Money never sleeps and neither do we. We try to be available to affiliates 24/7. Affiliates will have access to our personal cell phone numbers in addition to all the emails and messengers. We work every single day and every single hour; if it is 3AM on a Sunday, we can make it happen for you. We run most of our offers in-house, so we know what converts and what does not. With that knowledge, we help affiliates take their campaigns to a different level and earn more then they ever thought was possible.

Alot of publishers are still using Social Media methods and as it’s increasingly becoming harder where do you see the CPA industry heading towards and what other methods can you suggest to publishers?

I believe social media is getting harder. With that said, when things get harder a lot of people quit and competition goes down. The people who achieve huge success are the ones who can learn from difficult times by analyzing what it is that makes it hard and not quitting. Emailing will always be a key player in the CPA industry , so building up a personal high quality, responsive list is a huge asset and will make money in the long run.

What do you make of the current state of the industry? Where do you think it is heading, and what does Affillion have to offer in the future?

Our industry is rapidly changing and it is imperative to be well informed every single day, or you can be left behind when a new technology or platform arises. The only thing that really bothers me is the amount of fraud in the industry; what they fraudsters don’t realize is that they are killing the industry for the legitimate affiliates. The amount of fraud is growing, and brand new fledgling networks are going to be the biggest victims of it due to their inexperience.

Affillion has some amazing things in the works. We are working on our in-house content locker to work with our incentive offers which will allow affiliates to monetize their own website content. We are also developing our own community portal with live chat, forums, news feeds, social interaction features, video guides, free affiliate tools, and so much more to really add to that family experience at Affillion.

We also will be having monthly contests with prizes ranging from Macbook pros, iPads, Vegas and Miami vacations, and invitations to Affillion parties and events.

What resources and websites can you recommend to publishers and entrepreneurs?

I recommend to just check out and keep up to date with all the top blogs there. Some good information can be found within those resources.

What is your number 1 tip to publishers and affiliates?

I want to urge new affiliates not to spend too much time reading, but to spend more time doing. Money does not come from research in this industry, but from action. You will learn infinitely more knowledge by testing yourself and losing $100 in free coupon money then you will spending hours on forums asking questions and reading guides. Its amazing how much free money is out there with coupons to the big PPC engines. Take advantage of those and use them as your testing capital.

and now for the quick fire questions,

Facebook Or Twitter?


SEO Or Social Media?

Social Media



Content Locking Or Banners?

Content Locking

EPC Or Payouts?


Paypal Or Wire Transfer?

Wire Transfer

Surveys Or Downloads?


Thanks alot for taking the time to talk to us guys. Have a great day!

Be sure to check out Affillion Network - Here.
Very great interview, K is doing great job with these interviews... Thanks, after i read this i just applied for Publisher on Affillion, hope i'm getting aproved

This thread is old but I have a question for K and other members here...
Affillion is still legit? Network is live??
I had today bad experience with them....
I tried to login the other day and was given 404 - so not sure tbh, contact them maybe.
Hmmm then I guess they are no longer in business - I will contact him to try clarify for you.
did anyone find out what happened to them? In Jan Ken told me they were upgrading their system, never heard from them again. no response to email and they never log on to Skype (or they blocked me...)
I'm guessing they went down tbh, last time I tried to login I got a 404 error...and their main AM now works for someone else!