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Is this the start of my Giant Leap?

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by MinionBanana, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. MinionBanana

    MinionBanana Affiliate affiliate

    Ever since I embark on this CPA journey approximately 45 days ago, I have been eating, drinking, sleeping CPA almost every moment. Yes I know, it is not healthy but I can't help it, there's a strong interests in me wanting to find out more and learning more. When I get to work at 8.00am, I will check on my CPA and throughout the day, I will work on the CPA whenever I got the time (be it URL research, finding offers and getting approvals etc) until 6pm. After I will head home, have a quick dinner and help to take care of my newborn (so that my wife can have some time to do her chores) until we put the newborn to sleep. I will spring straight into action to my moonlight job at home again till 12-1am, easily I have got to10 hours per work day. Needless to say, on weekends I spent majority of my time on CPA. We need to do some sort of planning as we are working with time difference.
    I got my first conversion (6 conversions to be exact) on the 3rd day with a gaming offer but the offer payout is low (less than $1) and I try to make it work but ultimately pause it to try others. Along the first month, there's other non consistent conversions and some I assume as lucky sporadic conversions on other verticals. And I ended the 1st month with:
    Costs = $545
    Revenue $176
    ROI = -68%

    I would regard the 1st month as learning phase, getting used to the CPA Network and how the process works. Getting used to different traffic source and understand the constraints of individual platform, I try the traffic source in this order Mediatraffic, 50onRed, LeadImpact, Traffic Vance. Getting used to setting up campaigns and tracking. You will find that it becomes clearer and easier as days pass and I would equate this directly to the number of hours you put into CPA. Of course, through this 1st month a lot of thinkings, emotion flows through your mind...and you will feel lonely as well and surely a few times you wish to just give up. This is where your motivation comes in...what really drives you and whether you want it badly enough!

    As the days progress, I become more daring and trying out many other offers. At the same time, I became active in forums and reading other people posts and see how it can apply to me. My little breakthrough comes 3 days ago when a sentence struck through my mind, I remember an article when a Super Affiliate mention what separate a successful affiliate from a a failed one is that a successful affiliate will analyze the data he/she paid for and the fail one will just put it aside and treat it as failed campaign. Hence I relook all the offers I ran and then I decided to re-run and test 1 campaign again after seeing its data, pause a few URLs and let others run (payout is higher than $50). Within hours, I got 1 conversion and then I move the campaign to another traffic source and another 2 conversions. Total 3 conversions that day.
    Till date it has average 1 conversion per day with average costs of advertising 10% of payout. Although this is enough to bring me to the black for this month but I thought to myself we must be down to earth and realistic, this can't make you rich and very quickly you can get back to square one. What if the campaign expire or there's some changes to the traffic source, then the revenue will drop back to previous levels, hence I must keep working and find the next profitable ones and many many more to build it up.

    As long we don't give up, we are still in the game and the next pot of gold campaign could be just round the corner.
    Month till date:
    Costs = $300
    Revenue = $366
    ROI = 22%

    I'm still far from the goals but would like to share and document my journey so far here. I have to mentally prepare if the campaign shuts tomorrow or stop converting, then I just have to start all over again and finding the next campaign.

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  2. adcombo
  3. Mareslo

    Mareslo Affiliate affiliate

    good luck bro!You surely are very hard working!

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