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Is this for real?!

Hello all,
I was just introduced to affiliate marketing by my business partner and it's seems pretty amazing. I am pretty excited about this concept and don't want to be mislead.
So since most of you are active in this biz, I would really like your unbiased and honest opinions.
I know this is not a get rich quick thing. Obviously it's been around for years and before I decide to go head first in this. I really would like to know if making 200-500 per day from affiliate sites are realistic.
I am pretty computer savvy and have been in sales most of my life so I imagine that this would be a good fit for my makeup.
Please let me know guys and forgive me for asking a stupid question but 200-500 or more per day. Is this market too saturated or unrealistic to do these days?


Linda Buquet


Welcome to 5 Star. Yes it's real and yes it's pretty amazing that you can make lots of money selling other people's products. In fact, since you said you have a sale background it's very much like being in outside sales. Most of the time the sales reps make more than a sales manager or even VP makes. Well lots of affiliates I know make a whole lot more than some merchants make.

With all that said, to make 200-500 a day typically takes some learning, some trial and error, which all equates to time invested - then on top of that sometimes you need to sprinkle a bit of luck into the mix. Not every person that learns and trys hard is going to make that much but some will make a whole lot more.


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I just barely got into the affiliate side of the internet and I have to say I've seen some crazy numbers. It is a very exciting, face paced and sometimes scary side. Within the next month or so I hope to have a very firm grasp of it all.

Good luck to you. Keep up with the forums here and you should be fine.
When you say crazy numbers, I am assuming you are meaning promising and profitable?
Also, is there anything you would suggest me learn from, ie, a course, website, forum?



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Yeah, I mean profit and traffic. I would just suggest reading some of the newbie forum posts. That's how I started out. There is some great info in there. Good luck.


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Tycoon in Training, you should read everything that you can in the Newbie Affiliate Forum. Pay special attention to the threads that are "Sticky." Those threads have some of the best information for people who are trying to learn.

You will learn more and more as you continue to read. It is a gradual process, but you will get there.

When you have questions, you can always ask. You will receive some helpful answers to your questions.

After you have a little basic understanding, here is a thread you should read that will help you to avoid some potential mistakes because members are telling how they would have done things differently when they got started if they knew then what they know now http://affiliate-marketing-forums.5...d-start-over-what-would-you-do-different.html
Thanks so much for your help. It is hard to believe at times but the interenet has truly changed the way business is done. Very exciting. I am planning to invest money, energy, and time. I just don't want to pursue something that is a too far of a dream. This seems to be realistic from what I am seeing thus far. Thanks again!




Affiliate marketing is definitely real. Join networks like Linkshare, Commission Juction etc. You will see that most of the big companies like Walmart, Bestbuy, Dell, Sony are there.

I would recommend that start building a website around your passion or services that have used and endorse. For example, if you are a fan of cellphone services. Then develop a website around them. Like reviewing T-mobile compared to Cinguar or Verizon lets say.

There you have your little review site, and place your affiliate links strategically. For example, if T-Mobile has a promotion, then you can advertise it. And ask customers to sign up for the service to get the promotion.

There is so much that you can do. Basically depends on your web-design capabilities, careful research on the niche, and promotion of your website.

Not sure if you signed up with networks like Commission Junction, Linkshare or not. Start there, look at the services you would like to promote.

Good luck with your efforts.


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Money can be real in this business. The only thing to remember is to always bring fresh blood into your business and take action consistantly. Success will be yours!


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Another thing to remember for newbies is that there is a learning process to all of this. A lot of people jump into it with the thought that they will become instant millionaires overnight... Although this would be nice, this isn't the lottery...

You are to a sense running a business, so it helps to learn about your products, afterall, it's hard to sell something you don't know anything about, that's why as suggested earleir by the previous poster that it would be good to stick to something you have a passion about (especially when just starting out), Because obviosly, you would tend to have a better idea about what you are trying to promote.

Good luck with your new endeavors!