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Is there still any money in click bank type affiliate marketing for a noob? Also DS domination?

Michael Anthony

Good Afternoon,

I was wondering if someone could enlighten me as to the current profitability of Click bank type affiliate marketing please, any information or guidance much appreciated.

I have been looking to make money online for some time, If I'm honest, Rather unsuccessfully. I have had my fire reignited and have been researching a few different methods of going about this.

One of my main questions is RE Clickbank type affiliate schemes, I know people with already huge followings/ email lists/ authority websites can still turn good profits marketing products though click bank, I am wondering though if there is really much money left in this market place for the noob? It seems to me all the high gravity products that people say you should avoid are the ones worth selling yet in massive competition, then the majority of the lower gravity products pretty much all seem to be scammy wastes of time that I wouldn't buy myself.

Am I missing something here?

Currently I am also looking into dropshipping and was going to get a membership with DS domination, anyone got any feedbackon them please?


The Diet Standards Affiliate Program
Michael, with Clickbank, you should be careful of what you are promoting. Not everything will fetch you the same level of income. Consider getting a PRO subscription at CBEngine (@ one time payment of 27 USD). They have plenty of resources which can help you in choosing and marketing Clickbank products.

DS Domination is indeed a good option. Begin small and scale up your subscriptions as you start earning.

All the best ! :)