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Is there a difference? (IE thought son keywords, fresh articles, etc)

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by jsammy, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. jsammy

    jsammy Affiliate affiliate

    I am playing around with amazon sites, shopperpress and working on pagerank on items I have .. Shopperpress really has a beautiful import tool which imports the whole item and all and keeps your cart on YOUR site, until ready to check out then it goes to Amazon, OK, enough about that (but if you feel like buying it I haven affiliate link for you -shameless plug)

    The point that hit me is that it imports the full description of items which is absolutely beautiful, but I have to believe everyone and there mother, brother, sister and that ex GF that owes me $20 bux has the same description. So in wake of efficiency, so I:

    A) Reshape the entire description with strong keywords
    b) Pick and choose sentences and bring in strong keyword density. Obviously it has to make sense, I am not suggesting typing the same word 100 times like you see on LinkedIn....(which sad to say works)

    I am struggling to see a difference other than the oodles of time I will save with choosing B. Obviously A would be choice idea, but would it make THAT much difference? Am I being too critical?
  2. terraleads

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