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Is Reciprocal Link Exchange dying?


I read in Jeremy Palmer's eBook that one way links are the most effective ones. He states that right now, if two websites have reciprocal links then the two links cancel out each other.

Its like:

Website A --> Website B then its Good ( because of one way link)

WebsiteA <----> Website B is worthless (almost)

Is that true?

I have not tried any link exchanges because of what I read in his eBook. But, I see people exchanging links all the time. I think I might be missing out on something. Or does what Jeremy Palmer says is correct?

Please help me out with this debate that has been going just in my mind for several months. Are reciprocal links worthwhile?

Also, how many links really should you have to get a PR. I'll start with PR 3-4 for starters. How many links really to get you a PR 3 or higher?



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Hi Ayush,

One way links from web pages with a high PR are the best to help your site. They suggest that someone thinks you are an expert. Two way links suggest that you guys just like each other but you aren't necessarily an expert. I would have to disagree with 'Jeremy Palmer' that to two cancel each other out however. They do still have some effect on your page rank, just not as much. Having 1 one-way link from a PR page of 6 is probably worth 100's of reciprocal links, but the 100's do add up.


That's an interesting point. Interestingly I read this post on "Super Affiliate Mindset" thanks to 5 star (you guys are amazing).

I have decided to go this route, and get quality one way links, and not focus on recriprocal link exchange at all, as I personally think that its not really worth it. Even if you have to invest a little bit to get one way links.

Having 1 one-way link from a PR page of 6 is probably worth 100's of reciprocal links, but the 100's do add up.


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Hi Ayush,

refinder is right. One way link is a better way to create inbound link to your site.

Also, as an affiliate, if you use your program sale's page, there is no way to can insert a link from someone else. Unless you have your own landing page but you would have to insert these links and manage/update them as well.

The way I do it is to submit to hight traffic directory sites (PR1 to PR8). I use a software to help me doing it and I have more than 300 submission done so far (the free ones). If you are interested in having this software, just PM me, I can send you the link.

Good luck.


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recips do work

There are over 100 factors involved in the amount of weight a link has. Here is an example.

If i have a site about frogs and i have a pr4 and i link to another site about frogs and they have one or more of my keywords in the title and content and also have a pr4 site we would both gain.

Let say the link exchange value on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 3 for our example.

Then lets say you get a 1 way link to your site about frogs from a site about horse shoes and it is a pr 1 and has none of my keywords in the title or content. The recip link exchange value would be of greater value than the one way from a low pr page.

So for recips to have value it has to be from related sites with equal or greater pr.

Now, If i get a one way from a non related page with a pr6 i might get a value equal to the above mentioned recip or a one way from a related page with my keywords and a pr3 it will have a greater value than the recip.

As you can see, values of links are controlled by many factors.

Depending on the keywords, i may be able to beat a site with 3 k links that are all one way with just 50 one ways if i choose wisely. I may be able to beat a site that has 3 k links that are one way with 150 recips that are extreemely targeted.

Analysis is important in seo.