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Is it worth buying spying tools as a newbie

Discussion in 'Research and Intelligence' started by Ambani, Nov 19, 2016.

  1. Alexis.adverten

    Alexis.adverten Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Spy tools are useful only in the right hands. if you don't know how to work with this stuff, you will just waste your money
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. thelegend

    thelegend Affiliate affiliate

    Well its good but at begining i recomend to newbies to learn how to market well theyr business ,how to get more traffic etc and after that of course its good to buy some spying tools
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  4. Patrick3333

    Patrick3333 Affiliate affiliate

    i'm a newbie, and i decided to subscribe for a spytool, sure it's very cheap, but works very well, and really help me have a better view on my campaigns!! me i think it worth it really
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  5. Oviri Onobrakpeya

    Oviri Onobrakpeya Affiliate affiliate

    Which spy tool did you go for and what's the price? Thanks
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  6. Omokafe Segun

    Omokafe Segun Affiliate affiliate

    Spytool is good for all Affiliate Marketers who wanna make it big in the Industry. You only need to subscribe for the one you can afford, highly recommended.
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  7. Anna2017

    Anna2017 Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Wish you good luck with all your beginnings in Affiliate Marketing! :affiliatefix:

    Spy tools - it is our king feature:p:p:p

    We have our own free spy tool and collected best discounts on other most popular Spy tools (like Adplexity, WhatRunsWhere and other )
  8. Tyler Ellison

    Tyler Ellison Affiliate affiliate

    The question of which to use depends on which traffic network you want to run.

    AdBeat covers most display and native networks, and you can get the intro package for like $99/month. That's a good one to start with because it covers so many ad networks. This is currently one of my faves.

    I've used WhatRunsWhere, several Facebook ones like BigBigAds (those keep getting shut down) as well as AdVault.

    SpyFu is my preferred tool for search ad spying too and is only like $39/month now. That one's been around a long long time and has great data.
  9. johnnynight

    johnnynight Affiliate affiliate

    You may also want to try a vpn such as expressvpn

    My experience with vpn's has expressvpn as one of the best, to me it is the best..

    Makes easy to check the ads showing on different countries for a site..
  10. towhidzaman

    towhidzaman Moderator moderator affiliate

    Spy tools are always handy to have and there are lots of free options out there too but since you are a newbie don't let it take you away from more important things which is to actually get approved by a CPA network, do the research on what you wanna promote, make a plan. At the end of the day, it's just a tool, not a sure hit.
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  11. DoubleDouble

    DoubleDouble Affiliate affiliate

    Some great tips on here - Spy tools can most definitely give you a bit of a head start, but they can also be quite costly. Essentially you can manually do ad research and find out things with a good mobile emulator/computer and a VPN. Personally, I would say that the money is better spent on CDNs, tracking platforms etc... especially if you have a tight budget, but the flip side, if you know how to use them you can for sure get your monies worth! Good luck
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  12. vigaso

    vigaso Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Yesterday i payed For 3 days access On advault.io
    **They are recovering the servers, Moving to new hardware**
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  13. Unicorn

    Unicorn Get your fix Ninja! affiliate

    It's not on your end... I can't access the website too. Maybe there's a problem with their server.
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  14. vigaso

    vigaso Affiliate affiliate

    hi there ,True they already replayed to my message !
    We are having outage and we are working hard to recover the servers all day. Moving to new hardware as I type this.
    Please bare with us, I expect to be back online in a couple of hours.

    I'm Not that Lucky i guess xD
  15. alanleo

    alanleo Affiliate affiliate

    You can use spy tools to check which offer or campaign has succeed and learn from it.
    Such as whatrunswhere.com, idvert.com, adplexity.com, etc.
    Also, you can make special or unique creatives by yourself.
    It's up to you.
  16. jonte

    jonte Affiliate affiliate

    Absolutely. The main positive is that it gives you an idea of what sort of offers are popular at the moment instead of just randomly choosing offers and hoping for the best.
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  17. grado

    grado Affiliate affiliate

    Do Not Buy Spy Tools. Those tools are useless for affiliate. It's not the key for doing affiliate. I never use any spy tool for doing affiliate. Most of spy tools are just scam.
  18. Empress of Tomorrow

    Empress of Tomorrow Affiliate affiliate

    But ... the Affiliate Manager does this as well, which is why publishers are advised to establish a warm relationship with AM(s) so they can tell you about popular offers. Spy tools may be good but don't come cheap (for the newbie).
  19. jonte

    jonte Affiliate affiliate

    Yes you should also use the advice of your AMs, I do that as well. However sometimes AMs suggest offers which are new and or offers that may be under-performing because they themselves have certain quotas they must meet which is why it's good to also double-check with spy tools to see the popular offers. Spy tools are also great for downloading good LPs and editing them to your liking. It is possible to find LPs through other methods but using tools is the easiest and most reliable.
  20. Express2019

    Express2019 Affiliate affiliate

    I have been researching on the net for ad spy tools, and I have found out that 3 of them are popular namely adplexity (most popular) followed by whatrunswhere and then adbeat. I saw that adbeat has tie up with lot of ad networks whereas adplexity has tie up with much lesser networks however its the most popular. I tried to find ad networks that whatrunswhere is associated with, but I could not see anything on their page.

    I want to know that can these ad spying tools only spy on the ad networks they are associated with, or we can spy on any ad running on the internet. And if we can spy using these tools on any ad running on the internet, then what extra benefit do the ad networks provide that these ad spying tools have tie up with.
  21. PaidPoints

    PaidPoints Affiliate affiliate

    I suggest starting with only tools that offer free plan or at least free trial plans. A lot of good tools offer that, and if you really want to, you can do a lot of useful things with just the free plans.

    For example, I run PaidPoints. I need to know how to get traffic to it. I think of my colleagues who have similar sites like swagbucks and I think of finding out where their traffic is coming from.

    I go to similarweb and enter their website name. SimilarWeb will show you up to top 5 traffic sources of any website you type in the search bar, in the free plan alone.

    So I see the top 5 traffic sources of swagbucks, then this is not enough right? and I don't wish to upgrade to paid plan yet, but I still need to find out more traffic sources of sites like PaidPoints. What do I do then?

    I find another site, let's say GrabPoints, and I enter the name in SimilarWeb and it shows me their top 5 traffic sources. This is usually not the same with Swagbucks. So now I have 10 different traffic sources . I can do this over and over again, if I need more.

    I hope this helps a bit.
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